Hi, my name is Dung D. Nguyen, I was originally from Vietnam. I graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in  Electrical Engineering in Dec. '99. I am currently working for Motorola in Tempe (near Phoenix), Arizona as a RF IC circuit designer. I am also attending Arizona State University for my MS in Electrical Engineering and I expect to graduate in Spring of '03. Weather in Arizona is just the opposite of the weather in Michigan. Arizona is very hot and Michigan is very cold. So I guess I am given the opportunity to experience both:) I was born in a family of six...yes, six, a lot isn't it. I'm the fourth in the family. Most of my older brothers already got married and I'm still living with parents and my little brother and sister. Besides work and school, I usually like to go out with friends, search the web, go to gym, play sport sometimes. I especially like music and electronics a lot, I listen to a variety kinds of music and Vietnamese pop music. So that's a little story about myself, if you like to know more, don't hesitate to drop me a few lines at  [email protected]
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