Editor: Aiden Nguyen
Life meditations and inspirations on love, peace, and the spirit
All the inspirations quoted in this site are reminders of the deep stillness and tranquillity we can find in a life of acceptance, simplicity, compassion, thankfulness, love and faith. In making contact with this stillness at the core of ourselves, we are touched by a power greater than our own. We can all draw strenght, hope and renewal from this inexhaustible well of blessing.
Each of us can become a beacon of peace, radiating healing light into the world. Love for oursealves may seem at first rather self-centre, but self-love or  self-respect is a vital foundation for love extended to our friends and our loved ones, all the people around us, all those who are suffering, even those who wish us harm - indeed the whole of humanity with whome we share a precious spiritual kindship
So read, reflect, and be inspired - if you find wisdom here, carry it with you, and enjoy its gifts to the full
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