2005   Acoustic Friday
The Things You Do

Spoken as a true gentleman
Spoken as the roof's never been on fire
And I hear you say the sweetest words
And I can't refute in my own way
Is there a word to define it?
Is there a sound to say it?

Yes, the hero never sleeps
The warrior is mightier in meditation
And I peak a look to distract some peace
And I can't focus myself that way
So I stood up on my little back
I stood so tall I toppled over
And I lost my balance just to reach real high
And I can't dislocate my arm anyway

Is there invisible wings here?
Is there hands on my shoulders
Picking me off the ground?
How do you do the things you do
The things you so, the things you do
How do you do, how do you do
How do you do that?
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