2005   Acoustic Friday
Hey Beautiful

I've been waiting my whole life for you
So he says in my ear
But I can't seem to see through your bitter blue
In that stare he gives me
He touches me like a goddess
Holding on to precious
I slipped into his soul
I felt a heart so cold

It said ...
'Save me'
'Help me find my way home'
'Set me free'
'Show me what to believe'
'Cause I don't know who I am anymore'

I've been waiting so long for you
And he lays there with his tattoos
But I don't know what to do
His silence surrounds the room
His eyes followed my figure
His body pulled the trigger
I slipped into his mind
And there was a twisted mine

It led me straight to ...
Towards nirvana
Into religion
And I understand myself and who I am

He says ...
Come here baby I'll give you love
Come here baby don't be so cynical
Come here baby you're all I'm thinking of
Come here baby you're all I'm dreaming of

You're all I wanted
You're so beautiful
You're all I needed
You're so beautiful
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