I just found out that SNK is dead. They stopped developing console games and now only develop Pachinko games. I have one last thing to say, Aruze I hope you enjoy playing all of those damn pachinko games for life.


Added a new pole question.

I added a new pole question today. The results for last pole's question wich was What version of Card Fighters Clash do you own, are SNK 54%, Capcom 34% and 15% for both.


We are not DEAD!!!

I just want to remind everyone that the website is not dead. There just hasn't been any news regarding the NGPC lately.


Cool Cool Jam and Delta Warp

Cool Cool Jam and Delta Warp were released today. Cool Cool Jam is a music type game were you play intruments such as guitars and things like that. Delta Warp is a puzzle type game.

The box art was taken from NCS


SNK opens a NGPC online Store

SNK opened a NeoGeo Pocket online merchandise store. I don't know if they ship to the United States though. Click here to go there.


New Poll Question Added

I added a New Question to the Poll. In the poll before 76% of the people chose Evil Ryu as the hardest boss in MOTM while 23% (that's the official number even though the math isn't correct) chose Evil Iori as the hardest boss. By the way i'm sorry that i haven't updated my website lately but i was pretty busy last week.


Rockman Battle & Fighters

Rockman Battle & Fighters was released yesterday in Japan. You can buy it at NCS. NCS will be getting a restock of the games tomorrow (07/07/2000) since they already sold all the ones they had. The game is based on two previously released Arcade games where you fight the bosses from Rockman (Megaman in the U.S.).

The box art was taken from NCS



The SNK American Web Site is back online. They shut down their website when SNK anounced that their US/UK offices were closing. Now they are up again but have not updated their website. The last update was made on the 1st of April. Go check the page out at http://www.snkusa.com. Most of you should know the address though.



I added a review of FASELEI!!!! to the Games Section



The SNK game Crystalis was released for the Gameboy "Gamecrap". I can't believe SNK did such a thing. They don't come out with new games for the NGPC but come out with a game for Gameboy (like I said before Gamecrap). They could have at least made the game for both systems. Oh well. Enjoy your day.


Changed The Poll

I changed the poll today because the other poll was pretty crappy and it stoped working. The site went down and I didn't really want to have a poll from a site that's not stable. I'm sorry but you'll have to revote.


Added A Poll

I added added a poll to the website today. Please use it it's there for you to use it. Have fun today and play your NEOGEO's


Updated Games Section

I added a review of SNK vs. CAPCOM: Match of the Millenium to the Games Section go check it out.

I've Been Having Problems with the Banners

The banners haven't been displaying I plan on fixing that later on today though.


Updated Games Section

I added a review of Samurai Showdown 2 to the Games Section go check it out.


Not Much Done Today

I didn't do much today since I've been busy with school finals and all. Tommorrow is my last day of school and then I can start working on my site and make it look like one of the best NGPC sites on the net. I plan to add more games to the Games Section and update the News everyday, so hold on tight and remember that I just started this page and I'm not Superman to do everything in one minute. Enjoy the site and remember that it will be better in the future.


Pretty Slow Day

I didn't do much today. I added some banners to try and see if I make some money so I can buy more NGPC games, so please click on them and try to buy something cool. Please don't buy anything to do with Pokemon.


I Added a Message Board

I've been working pretty hard on this site today, i just finished adding a message board. Feel free to drop a line.

Updated Games Section

I modified the Game Section. Now when you go to the Games Section you can choose which game to view. I'm going to add more games through out this upcoming week. Be patient. If you have any comments or questions e-mail me.

SNK Closing Business In Asia

It appears SNK is closing all their business worldwide except in Japan. Thanks AZURE. Click here to go to http://www.ngpczone.com to read the full story.


Updated Games Section

I added a review of Sonic Pocket Adventure in the Games Section


Updated Games Section

I added a review of Biomotor Unitron in the Games Section.

Buy games CHEAPER!!!

If you go to Best Buy or Toys R Us you'll find games for cheaper prices do to SNK's closing. Another good place to buy games is from a UK website called Simply Games. All the games there are for about $14 american. The link is http://www.simplygames.com. Another thing Simply Games has worldwide free shiping, so we don't have to pay for shiping.


Website is up and running.


Yes, unfortunatelly SNK closed it's offices in the United States and Europe. That means no more NEOGEO POCKET in the U.S. I really hate them for doing this. They should wait a little more time to make such a big decision. They can't wait for a system which has been out for a year to become more popular than a system that been out for a couple of years without any kind of advertisement. I'll update the case as soon as I learn more about this.

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