Who is Sergeant Dan?

I am SFC Dan. A proud American. A proud soldier. A noncommissioned officer in America�s greatest military force, the US Army. And this is my Bunker.

I have served proudly in the ranks for the past 13 years. I am a Cannon Crewmember in the Field Artillery. I have done various jobs for Uncle Sam and will continue to do more. One of my goals in the military is to never serve the same duty station twice and not to stay there for very long. I have been successful thus far. My first tour was in Ansbach, Germany in 2/28th FA. This was definitely a great unit. 1SG Romero had everyone motivated to the highest extreme, which made our unit a formidable foe on the battlefield should America have called. I was able to work with some outstanding NCO�s that I still remember to this day, and shall never forget. That unit was later redesignated as 3/17th FA, which would ultimately move to the Home of Field Artillery, Ft Sill, OK. I then went to Ft Stewart, Ga where my unit was 3/41st FA. This was definite culture shock to me. The unit was not well organized and the leadership left much to be desired. I dreaded having to go to war with these individuals. My attempt to make a difference went in vain. I was unable to bring my previous unit experience and spread the wealth of knowledge to individuals that didn't care to have esprit de corps amongst their ranks. I was glad to leave this unit after only 16 months. My next assignment found me on the opposite coast at Ft Lewis, WA. This is an extremely beautiful place to be assigned. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Ft Lewis, I urge you to act quickly and take it while you can. This is certainly a once in a lifetime chance to see some really beautiful country. This is the unit, 3/11th FA, that I eventually deployed to the Persian Gulf with. We were used as fillers for other units that lacked full crews on their guns. I was assigned to 5/8th FA from Ft Bragg, NC. This was an extremely proficient crew. They had been in the desert for a few months by the time I had arrived. I seemed to fit right in and make myself known right from the start. I was glad to be a part of this unit and it�s traditions. After the Gulf War, I returned to Ft Lewis and married my future ex-wife. I am glad I met this woman, as we produced two beautiful children. They are truly the love of my life. I was eventually selected to serve a tour on Recruiting duty that eventually led me to Temple Recruiting Station outside of Ft Hood, TX. This is the real combat zone as far as I am concerned. There can be no greater enemy than an indecisive 18 y/o. After recruiting, I decided it was time to get back to the �Real Army�. I went to Ft Bragg, NC and volunteered to jump out of airplanes for a living. Airborne status was an intelligent choice in my career. I made a lot of friends during my stay there. You�ll have to view some of my different airborne downloads and photos in the appropriate sections before you leave. When Ft Bragg was finished with me, they sent me to the worst hell of all � oceanside at Cocoa Beach, FL. I did a three month stint to attend the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. After my �vacation�, I was assigned to my current duty station, Camp Howze, Korea. The funny thing about Camp Howze is that there are no Artillery members here but me. I am serving as the Equal Opportunity Advisor for the Engineer Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. I knew I would eventually find my way close to the DMZ. Engineers are okay people though. Stick around and see some of the things on my page. I am always working on it and would appreciate a kind word or two in my guestbook. Until then, �Happy Soldiering!�

More to Come Soon......

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