I am a good person with a good personality.
I am currently work as a programmer. 
I develop website and other software.
I work with PHP, C/C++, .Net, Java, Ajax
I also work as a hosting and domain reseller.
you can visit www.grandemasterweb.com
you can negotiate the price and other cooperation with me.

you can contact me to these numbers : 
 +62812 804 803 7
 +6221 94135043
 +6221 98567734

emails : 

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

I'd love to help you. but if only i know the solution.

My portfolio : 
- www.karyaiman.com 
- www.gudangiklangratis.com
- www.jualdinariraq.com
- www.jualdinarirak.com
- www.uangdinarirak.com
- www.grandemasterweb.com
- www.studentlicik.com
- www.cantonresto.com

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