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"Rarely are we able to feel comfortable that 'we are doing the right thing' when there is a conflict of competing values. We must nevertheless be decisive and willing to run the risk of being wrong but 'risking' in such a manner that if we do err, it is an honest mistake and not a display of arbitrary power."

---Roger E. Greely

"The risk of being human is always real. To be human is to feel all the feelings the heart can provide. To be human is to hope all the hopes the mind can imagine. We are more than love and kindness. We are more than goodness and tender care. We are also hate and anger. We are also contempt and envy.
Many of us are ashamed to hate, or to be angry, or to feel contempt, or to be jealous. Since we are human and cannot avoid feeling what we feel, since we are human and cannot escape our natural emotions, we deny what we feel. We spend our time refusing what has no need to be refused. We give our precious hours to defending what has no need to be defended. We feel compelled to prove to ourselves and to others that only love fills our hearts and that we seek only to help and never to harm. We are running away from the fullness of our being.
There are moments in life when it is all right to hate, it is good to be angry, it is appropriate to feel contempt. To love all the time is less than human."

---Sherwin Wine

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