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People Whom I Have Met On The Net

I have met many wonderful and friendly people over the Internet. Some have become close personal friends of mine. If any of my Net buds feel left out, just let me know (i.e, E-MAIL me! *L*), and have patience....I will get to ye! ^_~

Del/Liss: Del is my bud-dy! *L* She is usually giggling and playful, when she is in a good mood, which is most of the time. And when she is down, I try to lift her up. She calls me a goofball. I wonder why? *L* We have shared many good times and personal things with each other. *S* She has one hell of a tackle hug though! Gotta have one of those when I see her in our usual chat hangout. *S* We are pretty much sympatico. She once had a homepage, but now it is defunct. Del honey, you are gonna have to get busy on that again! Gotta have a link to my buddy's homepage! *S*

UPDATE: Well, it is post July 29, 2000 and Del and her honey are now officially in wedded bliss. They are now (as of September)in the process of moving into a new house/doublewide. Congradulations to you two, may you both live long and prosper.

Arwic: This lady is one of my few very dear Internet friends. We met in a chatroom, the same one where I met darling Riverwind, and Del also. Arwic is very much like me in one respect...we both like to flirt. She claims that she is just another girl, but I think she is one of those rare "one in a million". *S* She is an admirer of bears, and though she tries to hide it through her blonde ambition, she is a very smart lady. Oh! I was not supposed to tell that...DOH!! Sorry Arwic darlin. *innocent grin* Just be glad it wasn't one of my Freudian slips. *LOL* I met her briefly in r/t when I visited her town. And we also met for the second time when I went back, and again back in July 2000. Those times we had a little more time to talk and goof. I had a great time Arwic. *S*

She sent me this neat gift: half of a friendship heart. It links us together through our webpages. *S* Is not that a cool thing??!!! *Grin* Well Arwic hon, thanks for all your help in setting this up with me. I love you my dear friend. *HUGS* ; - )

Aldibar: Al is one of my oldest friends. No, not older, oldest. *L* Dang, he is younger than me! *S* Al lives in the same town as I, so we know each other in r/t as well. He is a fellow role-playing gamer, and Magic card bud of mine. Aldibar met his wife on the Internet too. I drove him a good many miles once to her and we all enjoyed a nice weekend by a lake. They now have a house which they had planned and built, and are happily living in at this very moment.

Jeannie: Jeannie is a sweetiee. She is always good to chat with and always sends me those jokes and recipes through my e-mail. Jeannie's Blitzes, I call them (beaucoups of them!). *L* Even though a few of them are... ehhhh...and others are downright hilarious, I don't mind them. I usually get a good laugh, and anyone that makes me laugh and brightens my day is more than alright in my book. I return the favor though, and I hope that she got a good laugh out of some of the jokes I sent her. *G* She married a Marine who is stationed in Okinawa. She really loves it there and is happy to be with her man again.

Lord Daeric: The Daericmeister is one cool fella. He is one of them there puter wizs, and he lives in my area too. Always interesting to talk to and he knows his stuff. He helped me get a good deal on the computer I am presently typing this here homepage on! Oh! Did I mention that he is married to my niece? *S* It sure does help to have connections! *L*

CoolBeans: This gal is one good cookie! *S* She is one of my favs, always cheerful and handy with a good sense of humor. She is a highschool student, and is usually working on her schoolwork when I see her online during the weekdays. She is truly coolbeans! *S*

UPDATE: CoolBeans and I have not talked much lately, she kinda/sorta disappeared on me. *L* But we did talk briefly recently and she is now in Florida, moved there from her native Massachussetts. She ain't a high schooler any more! *S*

Xena: What can I say about Xena? AIYEEEEEE!! *L* The ulimate warrior-babe (wannabe? *L* Don't hit me hon! *ducking*) Gotta watch out for her uppercut. *L* She is one cool chic, I mean, lady. *G* We also met in ThirtySomething.


Cuddles: Cuddles is another lady that I have come to appreciate as a good friend. She is a fellow Georgian and fantasy lover, who lives up in West Virginia now. She calls me Hobbit. *G* I am well honored hon. *wink*


Other of my friends of note are: Lavade, Peaches/BadgerBabe, Rastis, Heavenscent, and, and and....So, if one of my net friends feel left out, please be patient. I shall get you up and running here as soon as I can.

MESSAGE TO MY NET FRIENDS: To all of you guys and gals, I appreciate your friendship. I know we sometimes do not talk to each other as much, especially lately since I have not really frequented my chat hangouts, been busy with other things in r/t, and sometimes I feel that some of us have lost touch, which I do regret. I hope that we all can get together again from time to time and have fellowship with one another again. I miss you people. *group hug* So if you see me online anywhere please holler, or at least send me an e-mail asking me where in all the universe I am! *S* Let's all please keep in touch.

Websites I Met People In:
Quite a few of these people I met in certain chatsites. I met Del, Arwic, rose and Riverwind in the same chat. others I met elsewhere. Here are some of the links to chats that I hang out in:

The Orgasmic Bar : This is one of my most favorite hangouts. I used to get in here more than the other sites I go to. My handle there is Eldantur, Simply Eld, or Happy Elf. UPDATE: The Park website which hosted The Orgasmic Bar and Male/Female Sexual Chat is now defunct. It went the way of many Internet companies that were busted by their overplayed success.

Chathouse : The Chathouse is a cool chatsite. There are a LOT of different rooms you can explore. You will have to register though to acess some of the rooms, while many of the rooms on the First Floor are open to anyone. I don't go there as much, but I like to take a peek now and then. My fav rooms are The Tavern, The Fireplace, and The Beach. I go by Ngoldwe in these rooms.

CoolChat: CoolChat is a nice place to relax in. I met some good folk here, my usual hangout now is ThirtySomething Chat. But be forewarned: there are occassional hackers in some of the rooms who think they are billy badasses--A good public hanging is what they need! Hopefully with enough complaints this site will be better monitored. By and large though it is a friendly environment. You will have to register here too. My handle in here is Loketar.

NOTE: Coolchat has now changed their site a bit. They built rooms now that is not reliant on html, therefore the new rooms are now hacker free!! About damn time!! That pleases me to no end. = )

ANOTHER NOTE: I do not chat as much as I once did when the Internet was quite new to me. Chalk it up to other things demanding my time and interest. But I still occassionally manage to say hello to my chat buds once in a blue moon. Hopefully I hope to catch up to everyone.

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