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I am a eupraxopher. Well, what is that you may ask. Well, let me tell you.

Eupraxophy is a word that was coined recently by a philosopher named Paul Kurtz, a person of high note within the secular humanist movement. Due to the constant harassment by some religionists of secular humanism, namely, we (secular humanists) have been accused by them (the dogmatic religionists) of being religious. We have also been accused of some nasty things, according to the dogmatists' world view. A very incredible thing, since we seculars claim no deity as our own, nor show obeisience to anything that could remotely be called a deity, and we are in general a very nice sort of people. Let's take a closer look at the word "eupraxophy."

Eupraxophy = a construct of Greek elements---> eu- is a prefix which means "good", "well", "advantageous". -prax-, from praxis, or prassein, refers to "action, doing, or practice" The suffix -sophy is derived from sophia, and sophy, stemming from sophos ("wise") and means "wisdom". So, eupraxia means "right action" or "good conduct", and a eupraxophy is nothing more than "good practical wisdom", or more specifically, "a set of convictions and practices offering a cosmic outlook and an ethical guide to life." There! I am not such a bad fellow after all, am I?

The following links are to articles that explain further in more specific detail about eupraxophy and subjects of concern to all eupraxophers, therefore this page shall be a showcase to those issues and problems, and hopefully, the general reader shall come to understand that the things we eupraxophers are concerned about are not our province alone: they also impact upon the human condition in which we all hold in common.

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