MUMUKSHA is an organisation devoted to the field of performing arts. It's main aim is to create an awareness about music, dance and other performing arts among the common people. In todays, modern time the life has become  so busy that one cannot afford to waste time in up and down to the institutes. As it seems to be a very stupid idea to go to the institutes by wasting an hour and then learning music or other performing arts for an hour or so and then again wasting time in returning home. In this process not only time and energy is wasted but one also loses the spirit and cannot enjoy the ecstasy of these cultural activities. This old practice has resulted in the decay of these precious and wonderful arts, which leads man to the ultimate ecstasy.

MUMUKSHA is an effort to revive these wonderful arts of love, peace and fun. To fulfill this mission the organisation does not follow the same old practice, in contrary the organisation tries itself to reach the people where they are and make them aware of these superb arts by conducting dance and musical events, seminars, workshops, festivals, courses etc. with the help of its experts, artists and members.

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