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1 NGO “Development & Welfare” was registered by the Ministry of Justice on December 23, 1999. The main sphere of activities of our NGO are Education, Counseling, Welfare, Training, Self-Help Projects, Community Development, Poverty, Unticorruption, Environment, Water, Disabled, Rehabilitation. Our Clients are Vulnerable population, Government Agencies, Educational and other Public Institutions, Local and International NGO’s, Embassies and other Organizations.


Our main aim is to:

Conduct Public Education Campaign spreading the idea of re-generation of  entrepreneurial mentality targeted at the improvement of living standards, through the evolvement of large scales of population
Ensure economic development,
Support the creation of new job places through retraining activities especially for the most needy  group of population and especially those with the physical-disabilities,
Act as an interface between the target group and international community providing consulting services in: identification of internal and external markets, business culture and opportunities, advice on economic and international law.



The “Development & Welfare” is headed by General Meeting to be conducted at least once per annum and Coordination Council elected by the General Meeting consisting of 7 individuals specialized in different fields.
The President of the company is elected by the Annual Meetings for three years and is in charge of the daily management of the Organization.
The activities of the organization are supervised by the Supervisory Commission consisting of 5 members elected for three years.

Map of ArmeniaMembers
“Development & Welfare” NGO is consists of 28 members. We have two members in each Marz (Region). It means that 20 members investigate the problems of vital importance in all 10 Marzes of Armenia. Other members are carring out their activities in Yerevan. Among the members there are Economists, Financiers, Auditors, Teachers, Lawyers, Мathematics, Аgronomists Engineers, Еcologists, Journalists and etc

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