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July 29 2001:

My brother, David, has just returned from his trip to New York City!  A major to do for him, I gather.  After staying at a fancy hotel in Union Square and dining in fine restaurants, he is readjusting to "everyday" food.  David is recovering from a minor illness that he shared with me.


In other news, we have discovered a cherry plum tree bearing fruit at my brother's place.  The plum is "cherry-sized "  and tart in flavor.  My mom is feasting on the plums.


Scrumptious Queen Anne plums are growing from a tree on our rental property that is now on the market.  As the tree is quite tall, we used a "fruit picker"  to harvest the plums.  Coordinating the contraption is a skill that requires a strong arm, patience, and concentration.  These plums are delicious and well worth the effort.


As for myself, I just completed an introductory C programming course and a web design course using Dreamweaver.  I am volunteering at the Red Cross and am working on an internal newsletter.  I have been unemployed since February of this year and remain positive that I will soon find a good job opportunity.  I will endure.








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