~At night, when I'm alone, I suddenly think of you, realizing that you're gone, forever and ever and ever........I think I'll miss you, but I can't do it~
All right. What's this section's about? S.D.N.E.I.R.F. is just the opposite of friends? I've have a section of how my friends see me, probably now I should add something to say about them.........but in order to their private, somehow for some I try to use the nickname, but you now who I'm talking about anyway, ok, here we go!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Elfangor
  Why should I put Elfangor?
1, She's my ex, 2, she's having an affair with my girlfriend MIFFY, and 3, we are now getting divorce.............(okay, seriously, this is only our stuff. Don't get it wrong guys! Only we understand what we're talking about.......)
  Elfangor.....when did I first meet her? In school? Her first impression was quite? Then I found out she's like something "pretend to be a PIG to eat a TIGER", she is so smart in EVERY subjects, obviously I got soooooo jealous of her good marks so we usually fight every day, (see my scar?) and also, her house is actually our clubhouse. Whenever after exams I will go to her place to "download" stuffs. She is super nice that even my girlfriend MIFFY! How dare she do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now getting divorce! (gee what am i saying? I have no idea!) Anyway, she is a really nice and quite girl that I'm sure everyone will likes her......well except me.........duh!
2. Epyon
  Okay, why I choose him. He's my ex?
( how many ex's do you have Priscilla, get real! ) oops, sorry :)
People stop guessing our relationship! haha. Anyway, Epyon is like one of the most (?) person I've ever met. He used to be really quite as I know. Then after he knew me now he's like HYPER-ACTIVE!(yeah, Epyon bought me dinner to put all this praising stuff on this homepage!)
  How do I see him? By my eyes? He's nice, a Pokemon lover? I think so. He used to teach me how many Pokemon there are but I think I kept on forgetting. Anyway~ He is really talented in History and Science. At least he can remember what he did yesterday? An faithful Christian. Always attend the Youth Group and Church, as far as I could remember, good boy!
  Can I remember the days I spend with him? Maybe the days when I was in form 3? Actually he is one of the persons that really understand me.
HE KNOWS WHAT I'M DOING! gee.......anyway~one of my favourite friends haha........
3. Peony
  Just as her name: Clever, smart, pretty, talented, cute, rich (?), nice........etcetc. One of the most talented girls in sports I've ever come through. Excellent effort in rollerblade and ice-skating. I am totally speechless when I see her! A really pretty girl which I can use "cute" to say, and a really mature girl that has her own opinion.
  Honestly we are not really really that close, but sometimes we talked about anything. I can't really remember the days we went out, but I know in the future you're going to do so good in anything. I know you're going to a summer school in July. Good luck !
4. K.K (aka god of gambling)
  K.K, an another guy which was super dooper quite when I first met him? When was that? A couple of years ago? I couldn't even remember. He is a really tall guy, anytime I talk to him I have to look up and speak out loud, otherwise he is too tall and he can't hear me! hear that??
  One of the greatest creative writer, international chess and chiness chess player I've ever met. He's really cute! Big eyes and high flexiblity, sorry to hear you that you're in Canada now >.< I miss you!!
  Oh, he's really good in violin too. He did that representing school for the broadcasting drama competition ( I was in that too. I was the FUTURE GIRL! ), and we won first for that! I can't believe how good he is for chess. Gee you must teach me someday. Really caring and nice guy. Too bad he went to Canada to study, I can't see him that often. Don't worry K.K. I still remember last Christmas
what you did to me. haha. It's our secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Lucifer
  Lucifer lucifer...........she's actually quite pretty when she is in long hair.....(F.1 I think, hey don't hit me Nic!), yeah I like her really big eyes. Makes me remind of Ayu (does it?) Her mum is also really nice, treated me a couple of nice meals before. Expert in cooking........food? Yeah, still remember her pot of chestnut chicken, which made Elfangor didn't eat any.......haha. Am I writing about her mum or her?
  Lucifer is really good in English. She reads heaps from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings. Listen to Westlife only, don't know why? A always happy and joyful fellow that keeps everyone happy. I don't know if she's coming over to study with me, seems that she tried every country's English test and pass all of them. Really don't know where she will go huh!? I'm curious
  I missed the times of rollerblading and ice-skating. She and Elfangor seems to be genius in it, not me (that's why they call me slow learner, duh!). Anyway, I bet she will be successful in the future. Why? don't know. Sixth sense?
5. Jacko
  Jacko is a really cool girl in my school. Ok, she loves microwave foods (but she doesn't have a microwave!), hardworking and neopet lover (but you make it die before!). She's a girl that everyone likes and a super Glay lover. (Who's Glay? Japanese Band)
  When we talk together we usually talk about gossips and stuffs happens in school. Then she has this "funny" expression like
@[email protected] or $.$ telling me funny things. I always laugh because of her. She has the greatest sense of humour that I ever known. Probably if she is a boy........um.....haha
  Hey, she is smart too. Who is the girl that is taking 3U maths and 3U English together. Yeah I'm really jealous now! Also a really hard working girl working that tells me the experience of how to do "hospitality", "communications" and "accounting" three subjects at the same time. thanks!
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