I feel like haven't really update this homepage but in fact I'm still using it. For what (no one comes anyway!?)
I think I'm just using this homepage for updating pictures and other stuffs. My latest one is using xanga.
www.xanga.com/downcaster, and recently just joined ringo.com , hope to see you there.
Btw, in case you don't know. Contact me on icq
38685068, and email: [email protected]
[email protected] - chao~
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Diary for 5/2 Thu (F*%*&^KING FREEZING AND RAINING)
For your own information, the current temperature now is 9 degrees, and the relative humidity is 96%.

    What is wrong with the weather recently? freakin cold I have to be in bed 24/7 otherwise I'll become a human iceblock. Hate this weather.

     Haven't been updating my own web for a while (addicted to xanga?) but then it's always good to have your private webby you can do whatever you like .... probably let's talk something more err.....personal here okay?

    I once put an entry up on xanga, but at last deleted it.....let me see if I can remember ...

"Last year had been a tragic year for me. Suddenly so many things happen to me so unexpectly. Family has always been one serious issue. Personal emotionally is another. I feel like throughout last year besides preparing for uni I'm going through this battle that nearly made be break down.

      My homesickness increases day by day since Vivian got married. I can always see standing by the blink of the edge readily to fall and die. This is depressing because I can't tell anyone. I try to shout out but no one can hear me.

       Other than this, I feel like losing a lot of things, memories and the love I used to feel are all gone. Losing those things aren't suppose to be happening, but I forced myself to give up. What makes it worse you always have to pretend you're happy and strong because so many people depends and admires you....."

Looked back the past year it had been so bad I don't even want to think about it. But still I want to thank you for those who care and love for me so much during the year, thank you so much.

        What am I looking forward this year? Honestly not really looking foward to uni, since the workload will flood me again just like last year. I hope this year I'll have a simple life. No more family problems what-so-ever. Meet more friends and talk more to increase my experience. This is always what I wanted. Just like that.
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