~You know everything about me~
~That's why I have nothing to say to you~
I placed myself
in an awkard position
With no shelter
I couldn't find a place
to hide
even no place for me
to escape

From all tragedies
I mangaged to survive
even the hardness night
with no one to depend
I'll still be on my own
Nothing special
I'm just myself
I thought it was you again
turning back
telling me you regretted what you've said
and want to start all over again

I've been waiting
for this moment for so long
so long
Just when I'm in my dreams
you told me the truth

I was wrong
so wrong >.<

The girl in your dreams
Wasn't me
It wasn't me.........

What else could I say?
I should feel happy for you right?
Just the fact........
happiness wasn't for me anymore
Love deludes us
It's an illusion
That no one can see the truth
Once you're in the trap
You cannot escape

Love moistures us
let us blossom
Helps us grow
and change

Love breaks our heart
You'll ended up tearing into pieces
burst out into tears crying for the  whole night
With no one to comfort

Still we will love
That's what we're meant to do
In our lives

I don't want to count
It's been four hundred thirty five days seven hours and six minutes that we are apart
I wonder where you are now?
What are you thinking now?
Probably you forgot me already
Even can't recall the girl you used to kiss

All that we had before
flied with the leaves
vanished in the wind
supposingly so far away now

I hate to say
but I cannot deny a fact
I still miss you
very much
I use my eyes to see
Ears to hear
Nose to breathe
Skin to feel
because everything is real.

I am standing here
Where NO one could ever make me fall
ever make me cry
Even in an non-existent place
I call out my name

I'm never lonely, though alone
I'm always with myself
The one I love,
I trust,
I believe in.

When summer snows fall
Where will I be?

Seasons passed as far as I could remember,
As if yesterday's birthday
I could hardly tell the tell
where boundaries became blurred again.

If I only have one last dream
I tend not to fall asleep.
Who knows where I will be tomorrow?

The more I laugh, the more I cry.
The more I love, the more I hate.
The more I say the more I lie.

My life is full of contradiction
Who said it isn't so?
What is life?
It's a holiday on earth
In a way we know different people
In a sense we feel isolated.

But please remember,
we can't be here forever
For the time we go home
Is just when our trip ends

But don't worry
our memories in our heart
will never be taken away.
It's raining outside
Inside my heart too
Why you have to be that cruel to me
Just a few words
and broke my heart

I couldn't go to sleep
My mind is full of
the days that we spend together
With tears in my pillow
I wait for daybreak
for another day

My heart hurts when I hear your name
My soul burns when you're with another girl
My tears burst when I'm alone

I try to be strong
But I'm just a girl
an ordinary girl
wishing for your love
I thought my life won't be the same when I'm with you
But I'm all wrong.

You made me breathless that I can't talk
You tied me so hard as if I'm a lock
You guarded me for so long that I even can't walk

Thank you very much
You let me realized
how much I hated
your love
make me uncomfortable

Now I'm leaving you
Just want to prove
my life will be SO much better
without you
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