~I'll never forget the day you told me that you don't love me anymore. It's your business, not mine~
I don't know what to say
It's been so long that we're apart
Why I couldn't remember you anymore?
The harder I think, the more I forget

It seems all washed away already
I couldn't even portray the picture of the days we've been through

Heartbreaking? Suffering? Depressing? Frustrating?
How could I describe my feelings if I couldn't remember them all?
I didn't try to forget them
But when I look into your eyes
It's all hollow with sorrow
I really can't remember. I'm sorry.

Where are you now?
How are you?
Don't let darkness get into your eyes
By the time you open them, you can't see the light and reality then
Always tell yourself to be strong, stand firm, be sensible in any moments.
You are you, and there's nothing that could take away from you

Surviving is the most important process in life
If you don't trust yourself, how could you live?
Believe in yourself that you have the power
Strengthness in everything
Tell yourself you won't be afraid of darkness
Even the days of lonliness
You're always with yourself
              What is happiness?
It's like
On a Sunday morning you thought it's school day then you went back to sleep
A rainy day that you are in your comfort bed looking outside the window
Seeing photos from your past
Talking to your friends with a cup of hot coffee in Star Bucks.
Seeing friends for a long time that you don't know what to say to them at the first place.
Giving something out without hoping return
Doing something that makes you fall in love with
Spending time with the person that you truly love and hoping to be with them the rest of your life
Happiness is.........something we could achieve in different aspects.....for example, eating an ice-cream?
They say we're more than friends
Why I can't see you meant by that?
From distance you seemed to care
Now thinking
Just leave my memories in air
How come you never ask me out?
As if it was an insult.......
No worries I'll find my way home
always be alone
You've given me the most
precious memory from the past
The way you smile at me
I could still remember that day
I wanted to see you
But always missed the chance

Now I'm not by your side
Are you going to miss me?

If I ever ever have the chance
to see you again
Will you still remember me?
I wonder.
After today,
What am I going to do with my life?
What was I suppose to know what's right?
I don't know.
That impact
overwhelmed by grief
was so devastating
But I believe in the world
which is fair in taking chances
I'll find a way out
To search for the answer
No matter how long it'll take
I'll survive
I will survive.
I'm so fed up with people comforting me.
Hearing words that seemed to be nice
"Don't worry"
"Doesn't matter"
"It's alright"

those aren't the words that I want to hear.

Cut out the line
I know what's the best for me.
It takes only few minutes
to realize the truth

But takes a life
to get the meaning

Within these days
what I gained
exceeds the loss
Forgive me
for not good at expressing myself
If I ever have chance
to see you
I'll tell you a beautiful story
As if I was Cinderella
Spending the most valuable time with her prince

But my time struck midnight
It's time to go
Leaving memories which cannot be faded away
in air.

If I ever see you
I'll washed away those painful memories
and start all over with you again.
I love you more than anyone in the world
By fate
We were meant to be together
The days we've been through
as if sweet as honey

But reality is harsh and cruel
One day you'll leave me
leaving me alone
where are you?
what are you doing?

I really miss you
really really miss you
especially the days you're not with me
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