~No one ever understands me. Never mind, I never understand myself either. We've even~
Reflections is just a small part of my thoughts which I want to express in words, instead of saying it loud. It is the experience from myself, my family, my friends or anyother moments that is happening and touches me. I used to write a lot, happy or sad stuffs, all kept in my own diary. Here are some thoughts of myself. I try to write it in my own words, so if there is any grammatical error please don't mind...

If you love a person
One day you found out it suppose to be a joke
Don't cry

If you miss a person too much
One day you found out it happens to be a dream
Wake up

If you cry for a person
One day you found out he never knows
Don't regret

Because you already learnt what is love
Assests are your possessions
Experiences are my assets
I cry
I try
I value
I seek
But for most important from this word
I grow
Wound is a past tense
After you are hurt, you get a wound.
The pain are just remanets
It's the fact you still remember them.
Once you let go,
they won't hurt you anymore.
This winter is too cold for me
I dare not to bear the consequences
for being alone.
Eyes beyond the horizon
All I could see is snow
with no feeling
Numbness pentrates my whole body
This is the coldest winter ever
Especially the times without you
From the edge of the world
I look upon the azure sky
Warm breeze slipped from my fingertips.
With strength and power
I try not to fall
In tranquillity at night
I lay beside my bed
looking upon the cresent moon
I could still remember that day
Where you let me hear the sound of your watch
as if the pace of your heartbeat
the same as mine beating
calm and soft.
But days have changed
You're not by my side.
All I could hear now
is the clock on the wall
ticking harsh
as usual
Why are you mad at me?
Was it something wrong I've said?
Or was it the joke I played on you?
Please tell me
I really don't know what's I've done
If you are still angry at me.......
I'm sorry then
But I won't change myself for you
Ever felt so lonely that you don't want to sleep at night?
Ever been so depress that you feel like having a heartache?

That's when stress is by your side
Alone is with you
And sadness is knocking on your door.

The only way to send them away is
by tears
But they don't wash away your sorrows
they'll be in your heart forever

You don't feel sad
You already feel too tired
Who can tell me the meaning of life?
Is it something that we've all beening searching for the rest of our lives?
that it is possible to use our standard to value?
Or is it just the perspectives or experiences of other people?
I never know, and I think I'll ever understand.

It matters only what you think
to find your answers in lifetime
All I realize
Is never to make it meaningless
Please tell me.......
Was I ever your substitute?
the days we've been through
Were you just depending on me,
too fill your loneliness?

I choose not to know
How much you've love me these days
you have never loved me before....
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