Here are some basic facts about me, want to know more? Go to My story.

Name: Priscilla Ng
Nickname: Pris, La, Lok, ShaLai  or anything you like to call
Age: 17
DOB: 19/10/1984 (I'm a mouse)
Recently lives in: Sydney
Family members: Mum, Dad, one sis working as a dentist

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, surfing on net, creative writing, cooking, learning languages, watching VCDs and DVDs and SLEEPING

Talents: 8th grade piano graduated, member of school choir (soprano II), debating for class, DJ for the school radio and member of the school's trampolining team.

Weird habits: Loves to read from the back of any magazine (after reading it once from front), laughs out real loud when nervous, roll my pen everytime I write, loves going to the dentist (loveya sis), sleep when I'm in a bad mood, won't let ANYONE enters my room when I'm practising my piano pieces ( I don't know why >.< ), crys EVERYTIME when I watched a touching movie in the cinema ( I remember after Titanic I cried all the way back home, couldn't open my eyes the other day! ), hates shopping but like looking at stuffs.

Allergic to: Lobster, crab, monosodium glutemate (MSG)
Loves to say: What? HUH? OH! Well....... anyway~ who cares!
Favourite motto: I try to be honest with myself, but does that means I'm INNOCENT? ( I really don't know :D )

Favourite person: MUM!
Favourite food: Anything from mum, which is ALWAYS good...
Favourite colour: Azure (that's skyblue) and pink
Favourite movie: heaps, but recently Monsters, Inc. , also like watching classical movies such as West Side Story and Casablanca.
Favourite singer: Ayumi Hamsaki
Favourite song: SEASONS from ayu

Contact Priscilla *>.<*
Email: [email protected]
ICQ: 38685068

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