~Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone~
No offence, but probably the following questions you'll get 9 out of 10 wrong. You don't believe? See it for yourself............
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1. What's the difference between here and there?

2. What are the strongest days of the week?

3. Why did the man put wheels on his rocking chair?

4. Why is the letter "R" like Christmas?

5. At what time of day was Adam born?

6. Why did the person throw a clock out the window?

7. What time is it when a pie is divided among for friends?

8. What nail should you never hit with a hammer?

9. What ring is square?

10. Why is the sun like a loaf of bread?

11. What word becomes shorter if you add two letters to it?

12.What might one magnet say to another magnet?

13. What day of the year is a command to go forward?

14. Can you name a carpenter's tool that is spelled the same forward and backward?

15. What kind of rocks would you find in a pond?

16.  What has for legs, but only one foot?

17. What do you do when the tires on your car get old?

18. What did the calendar say to the number?

19 What must you keep after giving it to someone else?

20. Who can stop a truck with one hand?

21. How are a teacher and a railroad conductor alike?

22. Where were you when the lights went out?

23. Why were the children late for school?

24. Which travels faster, heat or cold?

25. How are a dog and a flea different?

26. What five-letter word has six left when you take two away?

27. What is the end of everything?

28. What is four feet sitting on four feet waiting for four feet?

29. It is yours, but others use it more often than you do. What is it?

30. What grows larger the more you take away?

The letter T
Saturdays and Sundays - all other days are weak(week) days
Because he wanted to rock and roll.
Because it comes at the end of December
Just before Eve
To see time fly
A quarter to one
Your fingernail
A boxing ring
Because it's light when it rise
"You're very attractive"
March 4th (fourth)
Wet ones
A bed.
You retire them
"Let's make a date."
Your word
A policeman
One minds the train and the other trains the mind.
In the dark.
Because the sign said, "School Zone, Go Slow."
Heat. You can catch cold.
A dog can have fleas, but a flea can't have dogs.
The letter "g"
A cat on a chair waiting for a mouse
Your name
A hole
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