My Story
    From then to now until forever......that never ends~
Let's say everyone in this world are all unique. We were borned in different places, different times and our lives are totally different. Every single person in this world has their own stories. Some of them are sad, some of them are happy. As long as you tell, people listen. We will learn something from these stories. What? I don't know. I can't tell. But I can tell you my story. Why don't I start from........Kindergarten?


Don't expect me to remember much from "kindo", that's like 13 years ago? HELLO!? But it should be fun, I think, where you meet your new friends and play and sleep and messing around. At that time the friends you met can have the purest friendship. They like you if you play with them. They hate you if you laugh at them. We're all innocent and young. I don't think the word "pessimistic" ever appeared to me. Everyone is so happy. I don't remember much of my friends from that time, but I think I should have a good time. The only memories from Kindergarten is probably my class photo and my student's handbook. I saw my mum wrote I'm "too dependent". After kindi, I moved to Sydney with my family. It was a new world to me.


      I could still remember my first day at primary school in Australia. Image you're at a place with all strangers and totally foreign language ( I didn't know much English at that time ), I wonder how did I survive through? First day was such a diaster! The teacher us the students to draw your "mum", and I accidentally draw something else......(secret!) It's NOT MY FAULT! I really don't understand! Hey, HELP! But the worst of all is how-do-I-write-my-name? Priscilla isn't a easy name for a 5 year old kid to spell (hey, nowadays people still get my name wrong, huh- Prisila~Prucila~??), since then, I started to hate my name and decide to change to something else. I did once changed to another name, but then my parents forced me to use Priscilla again, nevertheless, I don't think this name ever suits me. Back to the track, yes, my first day at school. After that, I learnt really hard to "spell" my name, learn English and adjust to this environment. After 3 months I was like.......hahaha

       Second year in school was like, pretty fun. With fluent English, I made heaps of friends and participate in school activities. I can't say I'm hyper-active, but I'm sure I'm talkative. I can talk to people for ages without them saying A WORD. But the more I talk in English, the less I remember at Chinese. Everytime I went back home mummy forced me to learn Chinese characters, which was totally tragedy. I hated it so much that at a time I made my sub-conscience tells me that I only know how to speak English at all (which later I found out that was totally useless), fortunately under the force of my parents at that time I managed to learn, or otherwise I'll be ashame as a Chinese I don't know any of my culture and background. Especially when you're in overseas, you don't really have much chance to know about it. If at that time I'm rebellious, I'm pretty sure I'll regret by now. After two years overseas, I went back to Hong Kong furthering my studies.


  What should I say about the impression of going back to Hong Kong, I think it's something like "It's so hot!!!" (at that time Aus was in winter), I have to adjust myself to be Chinese and saying Cantonese again. It's a bit hard, I couldn't understand much, but conversational is still alright. The first day at primary school I got into so much trouble, communication and understanding of Chinese is another one. I GOT LOST! I went to the wrong classroom (all of them look the same!), and people complaining me using the back door (who cares?). Honestly people in primary school are pretty immature and they just love to complain about this and that. They LOVE to see you in trouble, which this point already made me want to go back to Australia. But I managed to work hard on my studies and I was like the one of the top five students graduated from my primary school ,which was pretty cool for me. Actually, my mum was one of the teachers and I got all the privileges. HA, HOW'S THAT? I managed to keep a really relationship with all the teachers, and I was like a pretty delicate flower in the greenhouse. Warm and safe. But isn't that all we want to be like this in the world? At that time I never notice the harsh and cruelty of this world until...........
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