~I got lost in this world, why don't you help me to figure my way out?~
I think I'm a bit lost here, so in here I'll do some brief introduction about what my homepage topics are about, so you can browse through whatever section you like. Isn't that a GOOD idea??
Home - duh !? No need to say much, you know already!

My profile - Want to know more about Priscilla, yep, that's the place

My story - From born (?) to now I tell you "mostly" my stuff, thought couldn't remember much..

My diary - All my feelings of the day, most of them complaining why the world is sooooooo unfair, or what did I do that day.

Reflections - My personal feelings about my perspectives towards love, family and friends. Some of them are based on other people's point to view. But mostly experienced true feelings towards this world.

Friends - I handed out a set of survey to my close friends to see how they think of me. After that I posted them on my homepage and add a bit of comments to each of them.

Fun Facts - Based on English words, a list of interesting facts like the most longest English words, the most popular English names, etc.

English corner - Specially dedicated to the English Society in my ex-college, as a comittee member that didn't do much, I sort of regret...(>.<), so now I post a corner about anything related to English?

Ayumi - Expressing my opinions for my idol, Ayumi Hamasaki about her songs. A bit of personal comments and reviews to some of her songs in A BEST album.

w.a.k.a.r.a.n.a..i. - what's this about, you better check it yourself. Some interesting questions that you can I won't be bothered to ask about like "Do fish drink water?" Isn't that silly??

no - NO OFFENCE, go and try those riddles, I wonder how many you would know??

itu - quotes from "clever people" which tells us how to live our lives.

love - opinion about love on people and surroundings

evolution - photos when I'm small and now.

Miffy - my "girl's" webpage, just for you darling :)

BoReD sTuFf - FAQ about this homepage and credits.

View and Sign Guestbook - you know what to do.........hahaha
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