~What's your definition of love?~
Love is an element that I believe anyone in this world need it so much and so deeply. Please don't make it confused. Love doesn't necessarily refers to lovers. It can also related to family and friends. In this section. I'm going to focus how I apply "love" onto family, friends and lovers. Love could be complicated, but it also can be simple, really see what's your definition is.
My parents
I value my love to my family to the most. No one could EVER taken that away from me. It's deep inside my thoughts and the way I acted. My parents gives me different concepts to life and value since I was small, and I was deeply affected by these concepts. Not just you have to respect them, but also, you have to think of how to "love" them back the way they did to you. Think of by the time you mum gave birth to you, she already lost almost 20 years of lifetime just to brought you up and educated you. Think of your dad that everyday he has to work because he needs money for the family to raise you up. We should feel happy that we could survive, just this second, in this world. Thanks to our parents to that, so that we don't really need to suffer that much comparing to other kids in the world suffered from war and diseases. I know this is kind of boring, and you probably hear these kind of stuff day by day, but just remember, you won't be here if your parents didn't give birth to you. No matter what they did, they're still your parents. Why did you get them as your parents? I don't know. Probably it's God's plan.
  Not just to respect your parents, but I have to "pay back" them as well. Once I was talking to a friend that I felt so bad because I think I should pay back my parents but I can't do anything, then he said "Will you hope your children to pay you back?" I said "No, I would never think like that." Then he said, "Actually it's the same, your parents would never think you would pay back." But still, it's our responsibility to make sure the fact that our parents would deserve the best as they can when they are getting old. Especially when you get a job, it's normal to give a proportion to them for their own use. It's fair enough, isn't it?
  Each time I talk to my parents I felt I will learn something useful from them, it doesn't necessarily apply to what you learn in school, but somehow on how you live your life and how to act when you are in the society. They are the one with experience that also are willing to tell you which road is the right is to choose. So please don't be rebellious when they're teaching you a lesson, I would really regret if I found out that whenever my dad taught me a lesson and I answered him back. Now I found out daddy is getting old and he just wouldn't have time and patient or energy to punish me. I wish I could turn back time and let daddy to "smack" me, some times things just won't come back to you even if you really wish for it. It just can't come back. Anything could happen in the next second, who knows? Make sure we always be sure of ourselves of what we are doing, and don't anything that you will regret. Be a wise person.

My friends
  Friends ARE important right? I mean, you "possibly" don't need a lover, but everyone has friends. For me, they're really important to me (just see how much people write my "friends" part haha). Honestly, for my personal opinion, you do not need many friends, just a quite simple good ones will do. Friends are meant to be the best when they understand you. Good friends will find your both good and weak points too, and their job is to correct your weak points.
  Friends will keep on changing. There was once a teacher told me that "there's no such thing as best friend", and I don't deny. Don't say he or she is your best friend. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Everyone changes. But the most important thing is how you value your friends now.
  Argument is unavoidable with friends. Since you have different opinions, and you want them to listen to yours. But after a fight you always know how stupid you are, whether you're right or not. People who are mature will know how to handle these problems. You should be happy with your friends are mature. They could teacher you a lot of things.
  There is an old chinese saying "if you stick with good people, you'll become good, but if not, you'll be bad." Chinese culture for 5000 years could not be wrong. It's true. I've seen many many friends who choose the wrong friends and ended up destroying their future. What a pity. Be wise. Stick with friends to whom you could trust and rely on. I feel so fortunate because I have so many good friends!
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