~Friends are my mirror, I don't see reflections, I see myself~
This section is specially dedicate to the people that I spend with, those who love me and supported me so much, tolerate my bad temper and comfort me when I'm sad. You have NO idea how much these people are important to me, specially you guys in Hong Kong! Thank you so much for filling out the information so I could post it on my homepage, not to let it be too empty and you all :)

Here I send some kind of "form" for people to fill in and here are the results

1, Name
2, Email
3, Sex
4, What do you usually call Priscilla?
5, 5 words describing yourself
6, 5 words describing Priscilla
7, If Priscilla were an animal, what will she be?
8, Comments on Priscilla, how do you see her?
*            *            *          *          *         *        *
           we go!
1. Gerald
2. [email protected]
3. Boy
4. Gerald
(huh! you call me Gerald?)
5. Mediocre, Passive, Lazy, Selfish, Silly
6. Outsatnading
(?), Talkative, Lovely, Humerous, Sensible
7. Human Being (that makes sense)
8. Hey I miss you so much sice
(since?) last year! I'm looking forward to seeing you. (looking  forward to seeing you too Gerald, wish you have a great time in England!)

1. Mandy
2. [email protected]
3. Girl
4. just Priscilla straight way
5. emotional, forgetful, thoughtless, talkative, lazy
6. positive, talkative, considerate, warm, kind
7. good question........maybe deer or goat........for their speed
8. How do I see her? I've NOT seen her for a while.......just kidding! I think she is a both listener and someone to talk to.
    You'll feel free to talk to her about anything. And she's also a tough strong that she never gives in or gives up and carry it to the end. Also, she is good at debating.....actually the Art of speech, cox she can grab the main points all the time.
     Just my personal opinion, as she is not  afraid of being someone to try something or take action. She will be the perfect one to be the leader of the group. So much I've said......Do ya agree?
( I didn't know I was like that! Thanks Mandy, you're always my good friend ;))

1. Kenneth
2. [email protected]
3. Boy
4. Prizzzzzzzzzzzz
5. UglyShyDunliketotalkTallSEADOG~!
6. ...kind, gentle, sensitive, girly, eazyhappi+sad~
7. ~~~cat~~~~
8. Prizzz is super mooooody girl ~~ u wouldnt no wht her feeling the next moment~~she is v. nice when she is happi~but u must got to no when she is hving bad moooooood~?!!! but she is realli like a cat~~sth u cannot reach it's mind~!!!
( meow !! Watch out Keith, I'm in a VERY BAD MOOD NOW!)

1. Lucifier
2. [email protected]
3. Neither.........
4. Elephant,
5. cool (my classmate said I was), funny (my friends said I was), positive (my parents said I was), logical (I think I am), eagle
6. sincere, grown-up, hot, joyful, elephant
7. elephant
8. well, to me, you just look like a foreigner. Um..... you know, not a Chinese girl.

1. Epyon
2. [email protected]
3. Neither........
4. Priscilla
5. nothing special makes me special
( I don't get that )
6. easy to change
(that's like 3 words? where's the other 2? you ate it?)
7. Vulpix
(is it one of the pokemon thingy? )
8. I use my eyes to see Priscilla, of course!
( I was wondering if you had used you nose or mouth to "see" me.. )

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