~If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything~
How much do you know about words? English isn't the nastiest subject of all, it could be "fun".........hohoho
Why don't we start with some........abbreviations...how much do YOU know?
A.A.A. - Amateur Athletic Association  (I would call it Anti-Afghanistan terriorist Association)
A.D. - Anno Domini
A.I. - artificial intellengence.....not really, it's articficial insemination.....haha :P
A.I.D - not aids, but artificial insemination by a donor........that makes sense?
a.m. - ante meridiem (before noon)
AIDS - Aquired Immune Difficiency Syndrome
AKA - as known as
AM - amplitude modulation (AM radio)

B.C. - Before Christ
B&B - Bed and Breakfast
b.b. - base on balls
b.i.d - bis in die (that's twice a day)
B.O. - body odor......(haha oops)
B.S. - bull sh*t (actually it means balance sheet.....) I'm not responsible for ANYTHNG...

C - Celsius
C & C - cash and carry
C.D. - Civil Defense (NOT Christian Dior or Compact Disc, CD is compact disc, not C.D.)
c.d - cash discount (girls love that when they shop right? :))
CBD - central business district/cash before delivery
CEO - Chief Executive Officer ( I decided I either BE one or MARRY one, which is more easier??hahaha)
CFC - Chlorofluorocarbon ( WHAT IS THAT! )

D-Day - Decimal Day
db - decibel
DC - direct current
DDT - dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane ( I guess that has something to do with chemistry, otherwise it has known as insect spray~ do you know how to pronounce it?)
DMZ - demilitarized zone
DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid ( I didn't know it's an acid! If I put metals in it, what's the product??)

E.C.G - electrocardiogram
e.g. - exempli gratia (that's example)
e.o.d. - every other day (?)
e.o.m - end of month (do I get my pay?)
ET - extra-terrestrial (I want to meet one...)

F - Fahrenheit
FCFS - first come, first served (isn't that true ALWAYS?)
fi.fa. - fieri facias (not WORLD CUP)
fl oz - fluid ounce(s)
FM - frequency modulation

G. P. - general practitioner ( doctor )
G.P.I. - general paralysis of the insane (truly hope that you don't get it)
G & T - gin and tonic
GBH - grievous bodily harm (sigh........)
GMT- Greenwich Mean Time

H.I.V. - human immunodeficiency virus
hi-fi - hi five? kiddy show? It's high fidelity
h.p. - half-pay/highpressure/hire-purchase/horsepower....you name it :)
H.Q. - headquarters
H.S.E. - hic sepultus est ( that is here is buried )
http - hyper text transfer protocol
html - hyper text markup language
Hz - hertz (for frequency)

i.e. - id est (that is)
IPA - international phonetic alphabet
i.q. - idem quod (the same as)
IQ - intelligence quotient
ISP - internet service provider

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