Ayumi Hamasaki
~ you are more mature than me, that's the only fact we cannot deny~
If your first question is, WHO is Ayumi Hamasaki? SHAME ON YOU! Don't you know she's now the MOST popular Japan-Asian singer now in Asia. She has a great fashion sense and she wrote all her lyrics for her songs. But the most important thing I like about her is her lyrics really touched me. It's sometimes sad (well~mostly) but some of them are quite good. Most of them is about love, but still you can focus on other stuff. Here is a section dedicated to her, that I'll try to analyse and give comments and reviews on most of her songs. This is from the A BEST album.

1. A Song for XX                5. TO BE                   9. appears                  13. SEASONS
2. Trust                              6. Boys & Girls         10. Fly high                 14. SURREAL
3. Depend on you                7. Trauma                 11. vogue                    15. M
4. LOVE ~Destiny~             8. End roll                 12. Far away               16. Who...
A song for XX ~ All I could remember was your long and slender back ~

I think this song really makes you think about yourself and your life. First it starts off with sentence of "asking" questions about yourself. She really wants an answer, but she has to keep on finding for it. It's bit like sometimes when you're teenager you don't have a aim about anything. You'll get easily lost. Especially when it's time for growing up. If you don't meet the perfect time, or in a normal environment, no doubt that you will suffer. But that actually makes you more stronger and powerful than you ever will be.
   Adults expectations are always far beyond what we always can do, in some ways. You never know if you can achieve it or not, though you really want to do it. The writer suggested she is too tired and she just pretend not to understand what they're talking. Escape from reality? Maybe. But I think I will do the same as what she does. Sometimes living in a grey zone isn't really that bad. You can't live in forever, but it's sometime more safer and warmer there.
  We feel pain when we're alone. I thought it should be normal to be alone. But the more you think of it, the more you feel lonely. Ever feel like you have a heartache? It's funny that you feel alone, and that's the signal from your brain. But your heart hurts. That's the meaning of being lonely.
  This song gives me the impression of how it is like in your life of being alone. How to survive in the harsh real world. We could do it, just to know the fact that we're going to be in great pain, I think everyone had once tried this feeling in the lives. Searching how to let it go is our final answers.

LOVE ~Destiny~
This song starts with a pleasing piano tune that leads into the vocals. This song is mainly about it doesn't really matters how long you've love or how much time you're been through with that person, as long as you've once been together, we will not forget.
  I think this song can apply to not only love, but like friendship or even to Ayu's fans. Ayu's song mainly is on love relationship, but that doesn't mean we can't look from other perspectives. What I think of this song is the intro is kind of weak and sad, but it really suits the song. Her voices really sang from the bottom of her heart expressing her feelings about it. Song title love destiny really demonstrates how we see our opinions on love. Does love needs to be everlasting? Or it's the matter of fact that the moments and memories that we've been through is the most important? I think it is the readers opinion. No one really can tell. But I think if you have a nice memory sometimes it will be very sweet if you put it in your heart, just for you only, that's forever. But if that was painful memories, why don't you lock it in your heart and throw away the key? Or you could forget that by time? Isn't our love destiny amazing?
End roll
This is a rather sad song. I think it tells after two people had broken up how their lives are going to be, great for heartbroken people to listen I suppose. But that doesn't really the positive or negative effect after breaking up, more like what people usually are "forced" to do. Generally speaking this song is based on a girl's view, but more likely, you can see that this girl is very strong that she cries, but she keeps on going through the road that she needs to, just without the person she love anymore. It's more like she missed the days of the wonderful memories she had with the person. But now is different. Everything changed. It's not the past anymore. Where are you now? Where did you go? Did you went out with the person you love now? Isn't this sad? Most of the girls have a feeling after breaking up is they do miss the wonderful memories with their ex, and keep on thinking about them what they are doing now, or is he with another girl?. But please don't forget, an end is actually the start of a new beginning. Think positively, you'll get a lot more than that.
  We walk on different roads now. That says, we are not together, and seeing different things, in different ways, in different perspectives. The last sentence -
though we're walking on different roads, we still have to let the light shine. This signs that life could still be beautiful by being own on walking the roads. Don't think lonely when you walk the road yourself. The one you broke up with also had to walk his way. In a sense, you're even. Don't think so badly.
  This is a great song when you feel bad and listen to. Ayu really sings deeply about her feelings towards it. At first I even skip the song because it's really sad, but after all, when I knew the lyrics, I totally felt for it and listen to it every time. It become one of my favourite songs.
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