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~True love never runs smooth.~
Yeah, after writing fun facts I decided to do a section on "bored stuff". It's like sometime I'm just too bored so I made this homepage. The following details are the information about my homepage, I just felt so bored so I have to do question and answers all myself.......>.<.. anyway~.. if you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] or contact me on icq 38685068.
Q: Since when did you start doing this homepage?
A: Early June, when I finished my half yearly exams in year 11. I felt so bored and empty that I know I must keep myself busy, or I'll go crazy.....(?), so I decided to do this homepage. I guess it really does relieve my stress? that I could concentrate on one thing and not let other things distract me......what is that????? haha I won't tell you!

Q: How did you make this homepage?
A: By Geocities. Since I'm already a member, it will be really easy for me to log on and do it. They provided "Yahoo! PageBuilder" to let you do the homepage online. Unfortunately you cannot do it offline, which is really bad for me since I've only got a limit of 300MB download volume for every month,  nevertheless I still try to save as least to download as much as possible. Besides using PageBuilder, I did a bit of html such as frames, message board, no right click etc. If you want to know how I did this please go to the section 'free and easy' which will be updated soon.

Q: Why is it call Priscilla's Bungalow?
A: That was actually my first homepage's name, unfortunately it was deleted by because my volume in the homepage was too big. I search in the dictionary for a place that would make you feel confortable. Bungalow seems a nice word since I have never came across it. Then I decided to use this name. I couldn't think of anything else. Priscilla's homepage or Priscilla's home seemed a bit too ordinary, I wanted something special.

Q: Where did you get all the information?
A: Honestly, most of them were written by myself, such as reflections, ayumi, etc. Others which I couldn't possible know how to do it is probably from books at home which I put bits and pieces together. Once interesting fact, I didn't use too much internet resources since it seems a bit too much to me. I rather make a new section "links" for you guys to see it by yourself.

Q: Did you have any troubles doing this homepage?
A: NO !? no, just kidding. Of course I have heaps of trouble when I'm doing this homepage. First I don't know how to use the pagebuilder thing that made me deleted heaps of page I wrote before (honestly I've done fun facts 4 times already because I kept on pressing the wrong button), other troubles were it take really long to load the java script, and everytime I have to find different backgrounds and different colours and other things. Mainly more problem when I'm doing the frames, since I don't know anything about html, so I just surf on the web and forums and see how other people did the tricks. It didn't take me long to learn it (duh! It was just copy and paste), but I really like it after doing this. I thought frames was a really simple process since like "everyone" was doing it.......but it's not that easy after all....

Q: How is it like to do the second homepage comparing to the first?
A: Well, not really much difference, because I used different websites to build it. But this time I try to used more html and tricks and try to make this homepage confortable. The first homepage I did was when I was 15 (hey, that's two years ago), I remember that homepage was more focuse on animations and gif pictures, this homepage mainly based on my written text, which MAYBE will seemed a bit boring to you, but I DON'T CARE! I have the right to express my opinions right? Anyway~ the first homepage was really simple and not really organized. I probably like this better! :)

Q: Which part do you like the best in this homepage?
A: I like everything! But if I really have to say, probably reflections? That was really something written from me (okay, everything in this homepage is written by me), but it is the experience from my personal feelings about family, friends, love anything that I could think of. You don't really have to "go through" that experience, but by hearing from friends you can actually feel their happiness or sorrow in any situation. Words are something that could only be express through writing it down. If you keep it in your memories, then one day I supposed it will fade away. So why don't you keep it?

Q: Usually when or how will you write for "reflections"?
A: Anytime I like? Usually I could write reflections when I'm under great, great stress. It's like a process that you nearly go crazy because of all the hard work and exams that you find yourself in a situation that you cannot break away, or you really have to express your thoughts. That's when I find my inspiration for "reflections". Especially at night time when you're alone in the cold cold night you really think you are so lonely that tears come out of you........>.<........and then you started to write write write write.....

Q: What is the meaning of s.d.n.e.i.r.f ?
A: Why don't you read it backwards? No, it isn't something like "So, do nice elephants included red fish" (courtesy to Gordon, which I realize this TOTALLY doesn't make sense at all...sorry). The concept of this is actually friends vs sdneirf (yeah, it's like M vs M). Friends is like a mirror to us. We don't see reflections. We see ourselves. Just like the section, how my friends see me and how I see my friends. Does this make sense?

Q: What about no + itu + love ?
A: The concept is from Ayumi's
vogue, Far away and SEASONS three in a row. Like in my homepage, no, itu and love are three ideas that actually join to one big section call EVOLUTION (how I get this name, read backwards), it will be really interesting because I always wanted something not really related to it could link together. "Love" is a section that I always wanted to do, that how I see love from family, friends and couples. If I reverse love it's evol, then the only word I could come up with is evolution, which out of the blue I found out pretty cool because "evolution" could be a new section! So I divided the word into three parts "no, itu, love".

Q: What is "evolution" about?
A: I hope to get this section done, but I'm afraid I can't make it in the short run. I've experienced some "technical problems" with some of the devices and that made me feel frustrated......sigh

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