Ain't FLCL da best?(Inuyasha's equally awesome too, along with a whole slew of anime) I've been Furi Kuri (a.k.a. Fooly Cooly) CRAZY!!!!! I mean, how awesome is whacking random things that come out of some kid's head with a guitar, know what i mean!? Chances are u don't. Anyway, Here's some bios and stuff from FLCL, fueled by my addiction!!!!

Main Character Bios

Naota Nandaba                                           

Main Character of the story, Naota Nandaba (called Takun by Mamimi)is a 12 year old living in Mabase. He has an older brother who's gone  to the U.S. to play baseball. But since his brother left, Naota has been Mamimi's "boyfriend".

Haruko Huruhara                                         

Haruko says she is 19 years old, but that's probably not the case. Calls herself an evil alien, she's tall, rides a vespa, and plays guitarl. She also battles with kanti against evil robots that come out of takun's head. 

Mamimi Semijima                                          

Mamimi it the girlfriend of Naota's brother, although when he left, she's been spending time with Takun. This 19 year-old has left school, and doesn't have a good relationship with her parents. She also thinks that Canti (In the first episodes) is Kami-sama. (Kami-sama = god)


Furi Kuri is VERY strange at times, so try not to be confused, because it usually makes sense in the end.

Well, the story starts in a place called Mabase which has this plant called Medical Mechanica. Naota, the 12 year old, runs into 19 year old (Supposedly) Haruko who runs over him with a vespa. She later becomes the house maid in Naota's home. Haruko and Naota start talking up in his room. After Haruko takes the bed and makes Naota sleep downstairs, he runs to go see Mamimi. They talk about Naota's brother a little bit and then Mamimi "overflows". Then Kanti appears and starts to battle an evil robot hand. After he defeats the hand, Haruko whacks the HECK out of the back of Kanti's head. The story then continues on from there, with Haruko, Naota, and Kanti defeating evil robots and all sorts of stuff. now, GO WATCH IT!!!

My Comments

Furi Kuri is one of the most awesome animes i have seen. But be warned, it gets extremely confusing in the middle of the story, but it all makes sense in the end! But don't ask me where to watch it, because they recently have taken it off Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. ...and there's no movie (not fair) sadly. I reccomend this anime cuz its one of the best! Now go eat a taco.








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