PAWS pursues excellence in the profession of wildlife rehabilitation and medicine through a comprehensive, integrated, and clearly defined set of programs and services based on sound ecological principles.

We actively collaborate and partner with entities in all sectors (business, government, academia, NPOs), to deliver programs and services to help wildlife in distress and to facilitate coexistence with wildlife.
We lead our community in providing services in the state, occupying an optimal purpose-built center and hospital, focusing species-specific care on wildlife indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

We are committed to expanding the support for, and information, knowledge base and horizons of wildlife rehabilitation through organizational, local, national and international training programs.

We work cooperatively within PAWS, promoting a healthy workplace culture and a sustainable organization committed to PAWS vision and principles, while maximizing education and outreach efforts on behalf of wildlife.
Provide optimal, species-specific care for wildlife.
Provide a comprehensive education and training program for staff and volunteers.
Provide educational opportunities for outside client groups interested in improving their knowledge base and skills.

Provide accurate and timely information to the rehabilitation community, public, government and other entities concerning wildlife issues.

Through research studies and projects, address issues of wildlife and public health, and measure the success of rehabilitation activities.
Collaborate and partner with other entities and individuals concerned with public, environmental and wildlife health to better our understanding and further the care and protection of wildlife.
Promote environmental ethics and habitat conservation principles to foster greater understanding of interconnected requirements of ecosystem health, sustainability and wildlife survival.

Provide resource information and compassionate solutions to wildlife-human conflicts to foster a considered and humane co-existence with wildlife.

In 2003 the PAWS Wildlife Department successfully completed its 22nd year of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing injured and orphaned wild animals back into the wild. As the largest wildlife rehabilitation facility in the Pacific Northwest, we provided care for nearly half the wild animals rehabilitated in the state of Washington.

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