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This is the devlopment web-site for the newgrounds project. This site will contain all the infomation on the project, it will also have updated screen shots of the game.

This is a public project, that means if anyone has some kind of Flash skill please join and help with it. We want everyone to be a part of this. The more people we have the faster the game will go, and with more people developing the game, people will make freinds.

Everyone that joins will have infomation on them, such as, where to contact them, age, name, skills, and anyother infomation they want posted about them.
All the game progress will be posted on the main page of this site. It will be updated once a week.

There is now forms complete, if you have any ideas for the game, please dont be shy, post in the forms. The forms wll be checked daily.
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Nov. 3 2003
Ok i made the forms, and edited some of the page stuff, this would of been done earlyer but my computer was being a fuck tard and messing up.

Sorry if the forms look like crap, at least they work, Ill be editing those over time too.

Thats all for now.

This site was done by Andrew Bendowski (MrRombie)
all graphics are coyprighted to Andrew Bendowski Productions 2003 -
[email protected]
Nov. 2 2003
Front page is done, ill be adding more stuff the over time, but for now its done. ....yup

We are almost ready for people to join, where almost done setting up the e-mail accouts and other pages. Should be done by today, or tommorow, depends if im lazy or not.

Sorry if theres around a million spelling errors on the site, i hate spelling. Ill also be fixing those.

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