Archie Pals And Gals
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This is where you can find more...... information about Archie,Pals and Gals

Archie,Betty,Veronica,Reggie,and Jughead are here to tell you secrets about them.


Archie Andrews

Age: 18                                                                       

Likes: Girl watching,watching T.V,dates,sports                

Hates: Homework,test.

Fav thing: GO-Carts.

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Reggie Mantel


Likes:Girl watching,dates,sports,listening to music.                     


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Veronica Lodge


Likes: New......Clothes watching,dates,spending money

Hates:Poor people,low quality clothes,Nerds

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Betty Cooper


Likes:First thing,Archie,nature,animals


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Jughead Jones


Likes:Eating,friends,watching T.V,his best friend, Archie


Fav Activity: Watching ostrich races while eating.

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