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Hi, I'm Josh.  For those of you who don't know me, or know me and wonder who I really am, let me tell you.  I am a twenty-one year old from central Pennsylvania, the crappiest place on Earth.  I went to high-school at Philipsburg-Osceola, if ya know where it's at, well you're freakin' special.  I then went to Gannon University and majored in Business Administration, and well after a year and a half, I found out I didn't like it, and transferred here to Penn State for Anthropology, and as of this year, I have again changed majors, now I'm a Classics and Ancients Mediterranean Studies major... So that's a little brief biography about me, many of you remember my older websites and some of my crazy stories, well this one doesn't have any of those yet, and i don't plan on bringing up many of those painful memories and whatnot.  So anyways, this is my page, there is stuff about me all over the place, if ya like it, well good, if not, well screw you.

Update 1/13/15: Click the image above to head over to my new blog.--Josh Croyle.

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