This is a short description of each number that is listed in the research links list. Although on some of them the description is not great, you might want to go there just to make sure there isn't anything there you can use. I hope this helps you all. Please write down each number that you use so that I can use it for reference later. That will make my job easier in the end. Thanks, rebecca.


1.  discovery channel online, general
2.  ask jeeves definition
*3.  dead link
4.  2 articals, with general and medical info.  Discusses the effects of the plague.
5.  Lots of links to plague stuff.
6.  A pretty general write up.  Use this for dates and ideas.
7.  Very cool--this is a journal of someone in the plague time.
8.  Okay so maybe this only has one sentence that is of use...but it's funny.
9.  Origin, causes and effects of the plague, all in one cozy page.
10. A large bibliography, if you need books.
11. Very good, and sometimes technical write up of the plague.  Great page.
12. A medical page that compares the plague with things from today.
13. An ordinance from the laborers in 1349.  It discusses the plague.
14. A good write up of the health effects of the plague.
15. Yahoo's search results for the plague.  All of them.
16. Good page that covers a lot of aspects of the plague. Go here.
17. Discusses a mass burial and the plague.
18. Plague links, and a stupid hamster.
19. Wow...good page for all of you.
20. Plague today
21. Is this useful at all? Probably not. It's an online plague simulation.
22. Five more links
23. A short write up of the plague, in medical terms, by a grad student.  At least it's probably reliable.
24. A page of possible internet sources.
25. Good stuff for all.  Just ignore that picture...
26. Judism and the plague
*27. This is a copy of an above link, sorry..
*28. so is this.
29. Look at #48 and 49 on this page...they are helpful.
30. Another really good page.
31. Kind of a short write up of the plague.
32. Gross picture, good details.
33. Lots and lots of plague links here.
34. 8 more links.
35. 34 plague links, most of which are not already indexed on this site.
36. Long encyclopedia definition of "plague".
*37. dead link
38. Medical plague links. (Melissa :) )
39. dead link
40. A medical resource for plague.
41. Pretty nifty plague page.
1. (what is this, the second 1?) Human disease website.
42. A writing of some guy that saw the plague.
43. Dead link
44. Short write up.
45. Plague page.
46. Another plague page.
47. Concise encyclopedia definition.
48. A review sheet from another college, perhaps for ideas.
49. HUGE page on the plague.  It's a FAQ page.
50. Massive page written by a Dr.  Aim!!  It has Art references!!
51. Plague in three different regions.
52. Small plague site.
*54. I think this is another copy of a previously listed site. Sorry.
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