There is one obvious central theme that is used throughout the art that reflects the time of the plague: Death. There are also some lesser themes that seem to be present in most art of the time, such as horror, panic, sorrow, and pity. The following links will take you to various pictures that were found on other websites that show the general feelings about the plague. These pictures are not good indicators of the causes of the plague, but they do represent the general feelings of the people. These pictures are the only true indications of what the people must have witnessed and felt. Please click the number next to the caption to view the picture.

1 In this picture, there is a skeleton in the grave. Could the people not even escape the plague after death? Note also that there are a cluster of men in black. Do they represent the plague as well, or was the color contrast just presented to show the number of people that were mourning?

2 Skeletons touch innocent people and take them away, leaving a child alone with no parents or guardians. This is a very good representation of the plague, because the disease was unbiased.

3 Although this picture appears comical, it represents what the people felt, because it shows a doctor in a full length robe and an unusual mask to protect against the plague. There is a small caption under the picture.

4 This is just a general picture of bodies in coffins and people mourning the dead.

5 Finally, these pictures shows how everyone was affected by the disease, even wealthy ladies and royalty.

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