Monty Python and the Holy Plague?
The Plague has been depicted in many ways throughout history.
This picture is taken from the movie, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail,"
and it is a comic take on a very tragic time.

Art of the Plague

Art could be considered an inside look at history, as it focuses on the artists' true feelings about the events that occur during the time in which the art is made. From what we have heard in history classes, the Black Plague was obviously not a fun experience. But how many people actually sit and think about what the people of that time really felt? There is no way of knowing, for not even written words truly express what the people witnessed as their family members grew ill and died. Nothing, except art, can help us understand what it was like to wonder, "What if I am already infected? How long until I die too?" Many paintings were created during the time of the plague to help the people of the future comprehend the unbearable horror of the plague itself. As you will see through analyzation of the pictures contained within this page, the Black Plague was a bit more than just history. It was a true event, which was by far more terrifying than anything we could ever imagine today. Look for things such as horror on the faces of the people in the pictures, and darkness in the colors that are used. These two features alone show that the artists are sad and depressed, as well as scared.

Someone created some miniture slide shows of paintings of the Plague. Each number below represents a seperate slide show.

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OR you can view art under three different headings: General, Witch, or Wind. These three headings are divided into topics that are broad and all incompassing (under the heading general) or more defined. Each section includes the analyzing of pictures.

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