The NGCFL, a PS3 league,  was founded back in July of 2007 and has been a successfully running league ever since. With a couple of seasons under our belt the league continues to grow and expand, reaching out to more and more players. The league is based on a simple principle and that is sportsmanship. Its all about having a good time and communicating with other online players. We follow a simple set of written rules for our games, but making the game enjoyable for you and your oppenent are the basics. If you would like to joing our league, click the link at the top left of the page and sign up. Before becoming eligible for play, all players must pass two tryout games against our panel of certified players. Once you complete that, you will become a member of one of the best leagues for NCAA College Football.
About the NGCFL
And The Champion Is...
       Who will win the second season NGCFL Championship game? Will it be the currently undefeated Clemson Tigers,coached by Getting Awn, with his unrelenting  passing attack? Maybe Texas Tech coming out of the Continental Conference. Or could a low flying team come alive in the playoffs and pull of the upset? Only time will tell as we narrow down the season and prepare for the playoffs.
Hurry up and come over to the VG boards to sign up, season II is coming to an end as you read this. Get approved, so you can be ready to draft a team for our 3rd season.
Are you tired of the BCS? Want a playoff system implemented? Well why not have both. Here at NGCFL we have a hybrid BCS system. Thats right, we use a playoff and use bowl games. Check out how we do it around here. Click HERE
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