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Hi! My name is Bianca, but many of you know me as Nick's Baby Doll. Here are some random hotties to welcome you to my site. Check it out and sign the guestbook! Spanx!!!
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These guys are all hotties, but they're not as sexy as the hotties below!
  Here's Peter. He's married, but it doesn't hurt to look anyway. He may leave Jennie Garth sooner or later (or vice-versa). And I'll be there to break his fall! He's got the sexiest ass in show business. Doggy style would be a waste of time because then I couldn't grab onto that ass! If I were a guy, he'd turn me gay. I call my current boyfriend Peter instead of Pete because of him Click on naked Peter for my page!
   Below to the right is a pic of Mariah, my fav female singer. Click on her pic to see her page.
  This is Nick. I'm his babydoll. I got that name from a Mariah Carey song because she's my favorite singer. Nick's my second fav, but I'd rather do him than her. He's single and ready to mingle, so we may hook up eventually. But for now, I'm dating around. There is someone sort of special named Pete, but being that I'm a private person, I'm not posting any pics of us. I don't want creepy stalkers to find and kill me.
   Anyway, you can see Nick's got a nice package, and I wouldn't mind having that delivered to my door someday! I mean, if I didn't have anyone special in my life. His ass isn't as fine as I'm used to, but I'm sure the package more than makes up for it. I think he may have the sexiest package in show business, but I haven't seen enough to really judge. I'm willing to sacrifice monogamy with Pete for the sake of research.
  Click on the picture below for my Nick page.
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