Aair-cooled VW(Bosch) 009-type centrifugal-advance distributor can be swapped out and installed on the 4-cylinder 2.2 K-car. Minimum of mods involved. See info at my link here:


I will add a caveat in that web link about fed. emissions by-passing, it should be noted that this mod is for info purposes only, and/or off-road/racing/non-public highway use only. Individual must check local and fed. laws before attempting this. I assume no responsibility for installation.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not encouraging anyone to 'step backwards'.  If you can afford CDI, HEI or any kind of transistorized ignition, go
for it. You can install 'permatune' kits on the 009 which eliminates the points, so you'll be modifing it again to resemble the stock Caravan distributor that you just removed (kind of like re-inventing the wheel, or robbing Peter to pay Paul, I suppose).


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