Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls' High School
Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls' High School
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Welcome everyone,

Welcome everyone to the unnofficial site of Ngandu Girls' High School. This is the place to connect with old classmates, etc. Let's remember our well manicured school lawns where some of you spent a good deal of time manicuring them. And who can forget those beautiful rose bushes? I am crazy for yellow, red and white roses because of that. But I don't have a green thumb, that's for sure. I tried planting some tulips in September, but I put them in too small a box and they were under-matured if there is such a word. I also didn't transfer them to the ground after a few weeks as I was supposed to. I figured that since they were half-dead anyway, why bother? And my nails were so pretty I didn't have the heart to ruin them. I could have won gloves, true, but I kept forgetting to purchase a pair. So that was the end of that. We'll try again this coming spring.

For those who spent the four years scrubbing the pavements or standing outside the classroom or cutting grass or working the coffee plantation or just hiding out in down Siberia or all of the above, this is the place for you too.

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