ON SALE :- Almond Leaf - The poor man's water conditioner
Title: Almond Leaf - The poor man's water conditioner
Summary: Parts of the almond tree are used in traditional medicines throught S.E. Asia and India. Some aquarists in India pick leaves off local almond trees and use them as a water conditioner. They release anti-bacterial substances, lower the pH, and absorb harmful chemicals.

Quite often we tend to neglect the quality of water provided for fish in containment. Disasters with aquariums happen mainly because of poor water standards. For the better aquarists there are products commercially available to improve water conditions. But the majority of us end up buying either low grade stuff OR pay very high to get better products. But, here lies a simple way of enhancing your water parameters by using a leaf of the Great Indian Almond Tree…

Like our good friend Aditya said: Take care of the water; the fish will take care of themselves.

Benefits of almond tree leaf:
The (wild) Sea Almond tree (Terminalia catappa) produces a poison in its leaves and sap to defend against insect parasites. Even the dried leaves contain this chemical substance. These leaves when put into water release anti-bacterial substances into the water. The colour of the water also turns to brown gradually thereby creating an environment of black water.

Almond leaves actually release organic acids like humic and tannins. This lowers the pH. They help to absorb harmful chemicals and thus create a soothing and calm environment for the fish.

These are available in almost all cities in India. The plants are seen in most residential areas and dry leaves are a plentiful to pick. In Bangalore, you can see them around Lalbagh and Cubbon Park areas.

In Singapore, they are sold at $1 per leaf!! (Where they can be bought via the Internet - ed.)

Almond leaves are particularly suitable for sensitive soft water fishes baby discus, dwarf cichlids, rare bettas and all black water tetras, rasboras and catfishes. They are not suitable for hard water fishes such as African cichlids.

The dried leaves are ideal for reducing fish loss due to bacterial disease, and for keeping sensitive species.

Add one leaf per 50 litres of water for all fishes under medication, or one leaf for a 3 feet standard aquarium for general maintenance.

The fishes will be rejuvenated with improved vitality.

Various parts of almond trees are also used in traditional medicine practices throughout S.E. Asia and India.

Depending on the condition of the leaf; it can be in there as long as two weeks. If leaves deteriorate by breaking or tearing, or start withering, remove the leaf immediately and replace with another.

Another important thing is that using almond leaves regularly also helps in spawning activities in fishes!!
Almond Tree
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