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I was suprised find myself sitting down last Tuesday evening (29 August) to watch a reality tv show called Celeberty Duets and actually enjoy it. I do not see how anyone is going to top the duet of Lucy Lawless and Smokey Robinson, but we shall see. For now, keep your ears open as Lucy continues to wow and amaze audiences with her vocal talents.

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Celeberty Duets
6 September 2006

Welcome to Mac's Fan Fiction Archive version 3.0!

When this site was first started in the fall of 1997 I was just beginning to learn the language of the Internet and I had stumbled into the world of fan fiction. I had unknowingly been participating in the craft of writing fan fiction throughout my middle shcool and high school years.

After I entered college I became enamored with the television show J.A.G. and thought that I would stretch my scant skills of surfing on the web and I came upon an archive of stories dedicated to the show. From there I read and soon I began to do my own writing. I had joined a online discussion group that celbrated the possible relationship of Harmon Rabb and Sarah Mackenzie. It was here that I was officially baptized into the art of fan fiction as I wrote my first story from the point of view of Harm's current girlfriend, Jordan, entitled Goodbye. By the end of that week I had gotten hooked. A few stories later I saw a need to have a place to store my stuff online.

Thus began my very first web page. Now nearly ten years later I am still hooked on fan fiction and I continue to write. This site has evolved from storing stories for The West Wing to now having stories that I have written for several fandoms including some that have not been seen outside notebooks I had when I was younger.

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