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ICELAND!!! I don't work for the Icelandic Government, just love the place.
Who went, our stories and some pictures are following.

Steph Gannon(a.k.a-Midnight Kisser)
Steph is known as the Midnight Kisser due to
the fact that she kissed a man, we'll name him Thor for now.
Thor is a six foot something, bald nordic man with two
kids who Steph fell in love with and kissed as she ran
out of the Dubliner at 4AM.


Donna Steinbach(a.k.a-HUM-V)
Donna did not meet an Icelandic man, but see fell
in love with the monster trucks that the Icelanders drive.
These trucks were very cool, and that is really why
her nickname is HUM-V!! Ask her yourself!


Hugh Gannon(a.k.a-CarBomb)
Yes, Hugh and Steph are brother and sister, how cute right?!
Hugh introduced to the Icelandic people the nectar of the gods,
Irish CarBombs! This maybe the down fall of the
Icelandic civilization! So what's in a CarBomb?
1 tall, wonderful pint og Guiness Goodness, 1 shot
Jameison Irish Whiskey topped with Bailey's Irsh Creme.
Try one sometime, it will do you right.


Noah Goodman(a.k.a-HungOver)

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