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Norm Neuberger III ~ DyNama ~ King of Post-its!
Welcome to my website!

I was the first of three born to college students attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. My parents and all three kids eventually graduated from Miami: father Norm '55, mother Marge '66, me (Norm III) '74, brother Bud '75, and sister Kris '78; Bud married the woman he took to the junior class prom, Joyce, who attended Miami for a while, too, and Kris' husband Chuck, originally from the Cleveland area, is also '78, so Miami runs in my family
I still love comic books but don't get them very often any more, just graphic novels. One of my favorite mini-series was Crisis On Infinite Earths (DC, 1985), which was a stunning 12-issue series that changed comix forever. Click on Harbinger's picture or here for an annotated guide to the Crisis. In my opinion, Crisis was second in impact only to the death of Spider-man's first girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. (Yes, Spider-man movie lovers, Mary Jane was not his first girlfriend in the comic books...or even his second!)
Norm III
I live alone with my cats--2 indoor tomcats named Miki Munemasa (born middle of September 2003) and Shiloh McCormick (born September 2001, whose brother Rudi Bakhtiar lived with us until he passed away unexpectedly in October 2003) . I prefer male cats as i think they are more affectionate, and i put up with not fixing them because who wants eunuchs as pets? However, I've always honored my favorite glamourous women by naming my cats after them. So since June, 1981, I've shared my house with Dolly Read, a male named after Miss May 66, my first issue of Playboy; Jackie Johns, a purebred (so I was told) female street cat named after a popular figure model of England; Michelle Drake, a tiny female named after Miss May 79; Christine Richters, a tom named after Miss May 86 (but misspelled); Loni Sanders, a feral female I fed for a few months named after a porn star; Shiloh, named after a Playboy Cybergirl; Rudi, named after a beautiful American-born-to-Iranian-parents CNN Headline News primetime news anchor who hosted their coverage on 9/11, but left in November 2004; and Miki, named after a so-called "race queen," frequently underdressed models hired to do Vanna-White-type jobs at car shows. 8 kitties in 26 years. I just noticed while typing this that all 3 Playboy Playmates that I named a cat after were Miss May's.

I have subscribed to
TV Guide since 1980 and, believe it or not, I have never thrown one away! That's right, I have 29 years of TV Guide in my house! I  bought all 4 Marilyn Monroe covers, but I really don't consider myself a collector of TV Guide.

I could probably be diagnosed as an obsessive-compulsive hoarder because my house is full of My Stuff! It is getting to the point that I have to do something about it but not much progress so far
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I wish I could find someone who loves Post-it Soft- ware Notes as much as I do. Please send me a Post-it by email!
the Neuberger Family in 1994
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I really go crazy for Post-its and sticky notes, don't ask me why. I have thousands of pads and cubes, and have even had some printed! I end up with a lot of drug promotion post-its because for some reason the drug companies think it is great advertising, but I'll collect any kind of sticky pad, cube, or flag. What's exciting lately is 3M's Super Sticky pads, especially the 6x4 and 8x6 neon "Meeting Notes", "colors from Nature" Recycled notes, and Post-It index cards. I even have a bunch of the original "Sticky Note" not made by 3M: each sheet of the pad has no sticky on the back but a piece of cellophane tape at the top! (They have a 1984 calendar on the back.) I can boast that I have all 5 marble Designer Post-it pads--they were sold in packs of 4 but 3M changed one of the colors in the pack--and I have some 7x10 canary yellow pads with the glue down the middle, as if they were going to be cut down to a standard size; and a case of white 4x11 pads with the glue on the long side; and a case of Tosco BP oil cans that contain pop-up Post-its rather than oil; and 2 Post-it cubes made to promote the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997), which is appropriate as the title characters go to their reunion pretending to have gotten rich by inventing the Post-it note; and a number of Post-it Planning Calendars, which is a big pad of 52 calendar pages, bought only for the  6 pads of colored 2x2 Super Sticky notes included for annotating the calendar; and 1/3", 2/3", and 2" Post-it Labeling/Cover-up Tape; and big pads of plain green, green arrow, and red arrow Post-it Flags with Desk-Grip Dispenser; and some sticky-note bulletin boards that have the sticky on the board so plain paper, pictures, &c, can be stuck to it; and Post-its for Printers, 6-up notes on a sheet that can go thru your printer after designing the note on your computer (i use AutoCAD); and Post-it Picture Paper with regular and Super Sticky glue (i get matte paper rather than gloss cuz I print more notes on them than actual pictures).

I have been a member of the
Hillsboro (Ohio) Lions club for 28 years and have been a director, acting secretary, and was president 1997-98, and I'll be president again 2010-11. Now I have a Cabinet-level job as the Dist 13-J Zone 3 representative on the Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank--in fact I used to be Secretary of the Lions' Board. Another job I enjoy thru the Lions is being public sector representative on the Governing Board of Highland County Community Action Organization. On 27 June 2002, I was honored to become our club's 21st Melvin Jones Fellow.  On Saturday, April 8, 2006, the Hillsboro Lions held their 60th Anniversary Charter Night, a great party with about 110 in attendence!

I am in fact an Atheist and have been since 1972. An essay is to come sooner or later, or click on the court quote below to go to American Atheists webpage. I'll just say this much: if you think the universe is marvelous, you should see it through Atheist eyes! Without a designer, the universe is even
more remarkable! 

I have been treasurer of the Novice Investment Club
(email) since its inception in 1999. Our portfolio is doing lousy, share prices in the club are about 1/3 lower than what we started them at. We made a bundle on Standard Pacific after holding it for 4 years; that's what we do, buy and hold, no trying to time the market. Currently our holdings include 3M, AFLAC, Shufflemaster, and Johnson&Johnson. Our latest debacle is that we own 133 shares of Freddie Mac! They've lost 97% of their value so we might as well not sell them now!

I have been a computer draftsman for 19 years and a manual draftsman for 11 years before that, and I have spent all that time at the same company, McCarty Associates--yep, going on 30 years here. Times are tough, i've been cut back to 25 hours per week; I hope that business will recover soon. Before that I was in advertising as a graphic designer of  "junk" mail.

Send me
email or icq me at #16317110 or post a message on my board... 

Too many mountains, and not enough stairs to climb, Too many churches and not enough Truth, Too many people and not enought eyes to see,
Too many lives to lead and not enough time.
                                               --Guess Who~
She's Come Undun
My eBay "About Me" page
My parents, Norm and Marge, formerly of Ohio and Indiana, were full-time RV'ers, visiting all 49 of the continental states in only 5 years, 2 months, and 17 days, but now they've settled down in Florida. In 2004, they evacuated home 3 times due to Hurricanes Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne; Frances and Jeanne made landfall within 10 miles of their house! Luckily, it suffered only minimal damage, and they haven't been bothered too much by hurricanes since. Send them email by clicking on their names above--they'd love to hear from you.
My brother, Bud, lives in Virginia with his wife Joyce and daughter Miranda; Bud works at Lockheed Martin, Joyce runs a store and a design service called Roomers & Bloomers, and Miranda is off at college.
My sister Kris lives in Florida with her husband Chuck and their 3 kids, Laura, Charley, who is working on his masters, and Natalie, who is in her second year of college
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It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice.
                                                          --Bozo the Clown
My favorite issue these days is the so-called "obesity epidemic" . Most people don't know how little science there is behind the "healthy lifestyle" and don't believe me when I try to tell them! By any objective measure, we are living longer healthier lives. Here's my sources:

Junkfood Science blog by Sandy Szwarc

a terrific 20-page paper
Obesity and Public Policy: Thinking Clearly and Treading Carefully, by Dr Michael Gard

The Obesity Epidemic, by Dr Michael Gard

Diet Nation: Exposing the Obesity Crusade, by John Luik, Patrick Basham, and Gio Gori

The Diet Myth (aka The Obesity Myth), by Paul Campos

Fat Politics, by J. Eric Oliver

Never Too Thin, by Roberta Seid

The Gospel of Food, by Barry Glassner

Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss--and the Myths and Realities of Dieting, by Gina Kolata

Never Satisfied, a History of Diets, Fantasies, and Fat, by Hillel Schwartz

The New Nuts Among the Berries, by Ronald Deutsch

see my
public Evernote notebook for quotes i find in these sources, the media, and studies.
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