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Don't Look Down's New CD
Posted by Shuotime

Iíve always respected Donít Look Down on many levels. They have always impressed me with their strong work ethic way back from their younger days. They are a pop-punk band and they donít care if they are classified as one and they never have; which is uplifting to me since so many bands seem rather cautious when their sound is described as having any facet of pop in it.

With that being said, on their latest full-length, The Fear In Love, Donít Look Down take their pop-punk roots but transport them to a higher, more mature level. The pop influences on this album arenít as juvenile as their previous work. This album is gloomier lyrically and musically. It has rough edges to it, which is a big change for these guys but a change that is really welcomed on my account. The songs still follow that basic pop song structure with sing-along choruses throughout the album but in this makeup, they are more than just catchy, they fit nicely and sound competently put together. There is a lot of power and emotion built into the vocals, which provides a nice sense of realism and truth in the music.

One of the biggest changes to the band is the fine tuned technical and production aspect that The Fear In Love embodies. This strong production value on this record really fits well with the overall pop rock sound structure; courtesy of Brian McTernan, whose work on this record is remarkable and his technical insight combined with Donít Look Downís music is a match made in heaven. On most albums where a strong technical and production quality is implemented, it can often water down the album too much. Not here though, everything is measured out just right.

The biggest positive musically on this album is the guitar work. Guitar sounds in a pop-punk album can often become very repetitive and annoying. However, this is not the case for Donít Look Down. These guys really do an incredible job of throwing in several uncommon guitar hooks and riffs throughout the entire album. Both guitarists are incredibly talented and they do a nice job of providing an incredible amount of innovation to pop-punk music.

It would have been easy for Donít Look Down to take their sound and put out a full length and sell a ton of copies based off the catchiness and solid promotion. Well these guys decided to opt for something different. They decided to take their music to a new level while not settling for something that has been done before, and it has paid off nicely.

Check out Don't Look Down and AFI on Nitro Records.

Celebrities Duke it out in NYC
Posted by Shuotime

A new team has been created for EAís latest release, Def Jam Fight for NY. This new fighter game features 40 of the biggest Hip Hop artists and celebrities, such as such as Busta Rhymes, Carmen Electra, Ice T, Lil' Kim, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and many more. By joining the team, you can win a ton of prizes, including up to $400.00 in gift cards, game packs ($150.00 value), and EA and EB gift cards! There are also messageboards, and lots of content about the game and featured artists. Check out the Fight 4 NY Crew at!

NFG on tour with Green Day
Posted by Shuotime

New Found Glory just released their new 2004 with Green Day and Sugarcult! Check and see if your town's on the list at the events page!

Kuma: War
Posted by Shuotime

Kuma Reality Games has created a new model of tactical action shooter gaming. You download the program free of charge, and pay a monthly fee ($10) to play the game. The innovative part is that the developer continues to add more missions to the game every month, based on current events in the real world.

You control a squad of four soldiers to carry out missions in real-world settings (read: Iraq and Afghanistan). The currently available mission objectives include assaulting an Al Qaeda village, protecting a shipment of Iraqi money from insurgents, defending a police station from guerillas, and leading the final attack on Uday and Qusay Hussein.

Your team has the usual array of weapons available, including automatic rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. You can also control a few vehicles, such as a truck and a tank, though getting back out can be difficult.

Issuing commands to your squadmates is pretty easy, as is switching which soldier you control. Unfortunately, youíll need to do this often, because your teammatesí AI and pathfinding are so poor. In some missions, I spent as much time jockeying my lost soldiers into position as I did engaging in combat.

Another problem is finding your mission objectives. Some missions give you a lot of different areas on the map you have to visit, which is made difficult by the poor minimap.

Other problems include long load times (even with missions youíve already downloaded), graphical glitches (including enemy corpses hanging in midair), and a binoculars bug which freezes you in zoomed-in mode if you die while using a sniper scope. And I really missed having a lean left/right feature, which by now is pretty much standard in games of this type.

The video and expert analysis are especially well done. However, the missions arenít exactly ripped out of todayís headlines - more like the headlines of three months ago.

If youíre looking for a quality tactical action game with loads of weapons, cool features, smart enemies, and polish, look elsewhere. But if your main interest is recent, real-world action (and the promise of at least two new missions each month), this may be your game. Click Here to get your own download of Kuma: War, and see for yourself!

Spawn: Armageddon
Posted by Shuotime

One of the games I got for Christmas this year was Spawn: Armageddon for my PS2. Being an avid lover of the comic book series, I loved the idea of the game. Story-wise, the game is pretty decent. It's everything that I'd expect a Todd McFarlane game to be.

The graphics for Spawn aren't the greatest in the world. In fact, they're pretty lacking considering what the PS2 is able to handle (GT3, FFX, etc). The mechanics of the game are pretty good too. Spawn's got a hefty arsenal of moves he can use to attack his enemies, including a big axe that he weilds for most of the game.

The sound for Spawn: Armageddon are just incredible. The voices, music, and effects that you hear in-game blew me away. If anything, the sound was the saving grace of this game.

One of the cool aspects of this game is the fact that you can upgrade Spawn's abilities by "buying" skills and upgrades from "money" you earn by completing puzzles, beating levels, and destroying your enemies. This adds a bit of RPG elements to the game, and gives the game added depth.

If you're a fan of the series, you'll love this game. Otherwise, it's more or less average. Click here to get more information on Spawn: Armageddon and to order a copy for yourself!

R:Racing Evolution
Posted by Shuotime

I just bought R:Racing Evolution a couple days ago. For those of you who don't know, R:RE is the latest racing game out for the PS2. The game itself is much like Gran Turismo 3: A Spec, except with an added twist, which is the Racing Life feature. It lets you play as Rena, a girl who moves from driving ambulances to drag racing, circuit racing, and rally racing.

I was really blown away by the graphics of this game. Everything looks incredibly realistic, and the fact that the game uses real-life cars makes it that much more fun for me.

In terms of difficulty, the game is really easy to learn and play, and if you get good at it, you can make the game harder by increasing AI difficulty and turning off the brake assist feature. This game should give gamers of all skills a manageable challenge.

Although R:Racing Evolution is a great game, I'd wait until April and buy Gran Turismo 4, which will undoubtedly be the PS2's greatest racing game for some time to come.

Click here to get more information on R:RE and to order a copy for yourself!

Win Some Free Games!
Posted by Shuotime

Want to win some PS2/XBOX/GameCube games every month? NAMCO is giving away 10 games every month to people who sign up for news, previews, and special offers on NAMCO games! Click here to sign up, and be the first to know all about (and play) NAMCO's games!

NFG on Rhapsody!
Posted by Shuotime

Have you ever wanted to find new music that you'd like, but you're too busy or lazy to spend that much time listening to the radio or searching the web? I was looking for bands like New Found Glory the other day, and I came to this great program called Rhapsody. It's distributed by Best Buy, and it's like a music subscription service. I signed up for their free trial, and I've got lots to say about it.

The first thing you notice when you listen in is that the music quality is excellent. It sounds just like it was a cd, and on my Klipsch THX 4.1s with Audigy 2 card, it actually sounds better than cd quality. The load time is pretty short too - only about 10 seconds of preloading and buffering.

What I love about Rhapsody is the fact that every band they list (they've got over 10,000 bands) is put into a specific genre of music. I never really understood what genre of music I was into. People threw around loose terms like "punk," "indie," or "alternative rock," but that's not really specific enough. I mean, there are a lot of alternative rock bands that I can not stand. The same goes with indie and punk and emo, too. So the first thing I did when I signed up was go to NFG's bio and look up their genre. Rhapsody lists them as punk-pop. Not so specific, no, but they also have a link to top punk-pop bands and bands related to NFG. When I looked at the charts, I found some other really awesome bands like blink 182, Good Charlotte, The Ataris, Eve 6, Pixies, The Used, and other ones.

The other concept I love about Rhapsody is the band sampler. I've wanted to explore trance and other types of music, too, but I never know where to start. With Rhapsody, and I just go to the genre of music I want to listen to, pick a band out of the charts, and I'll see a sampler with some of the band's famous and more recognized songs. After listening to those, I'll know whether the band's good or bad according to my own tastes. So far I've already found around 15 new bands that I love.

Just give Rhapsody a free trial. It doesn't cost any money, and you'll find lots of great music you never knew existed!

Time Crisis 3
Posted by Shuotime

I just got Time Crisis 3 for the PS2. That is such an awesome game! If you've played Time Crisis 1 or 2 before, you know how fun shooting guys can be. But TC3 makes improvements in every category. You now have 3 more guns to use - machine gun, shotgun, and grenade. This makes the game so much more fun, and a lot more like Crisis Zone, which I love.

The coolest part of the game, in my opinion, is the sniper combat feature. It's basically like silent scope, and you have a gun to shoot with instead of using the keypad. It's so awesome, and the graphics are so much better than Silent Scope.

The game itself is relatively short, especially for people who've played Time Crisis before. But the point of the game is not to get through it. Time Crisis is almost as much a party game as DDR, since it's so much more fun when you're playing in pairs, bringing the teamplay concept to life. And it's even more fun when you have multiple PS2s with multiple TVs playing TC3. You gotta try it!

Oh yeah, before I forget, don't play TC3 without the GunCon2. The point of the game is to point and shoot, not to use the keypad to move the cursor to the guy.

Click here to get more information on Time Crisis 3 and to order a copy for yourself!

[email protected] CD
Posted by Shuotime

I recently received this [email protected] cd with songs from a buncha different bands with totally different styles. What caught my attention was the fact that NFG had My Friends Over You on it. If you don't know about [email protected], the basic idea is that bands come to AOL's studios and record a new version of one of their most popular songs. They usually do different stuff like include a DJ, go acoustic, or whatever. The end product is always a new twist to my favorite music.

NFG's new version of My Friends Over you was awesome! They finally got back to the guitar-slamming, fun-loving punkish roots that propelled them to fame years ago. Personally, I love this version of the song more than the original, just because there's none of that fake pitch correction they put in their real cds. It sounds more energetic, more casual, more real. And the random phrases they put in there are hilarious!

The rest of the cd has a lot of top 40 stuff, like Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, Alicia keys, Jewel, Coldplay, Vanessa Carlton, and some other bands, too. If you like any of those singers/bands, you'll like the new versions of their songs. I like most of the Sessions songs better than the original versions because I'm a nut for intimate, small-studio stuff. That's why I love green room / front-row concert types of performances.

Definitely go get the [email protected] cd, if only to hear NFG's unique version of My Friends Over You. The other songs are awesome as well!

Click Here to get more details about the [email protected] cd and to order one for yourself!

NFGFans is Back!
Posted by Shuotime

NFGFans is back and better than ever! Now with no more popups and updates more often! Check back soon to see what's new with!

NFGFans Store!
Posted by Shuotime

NFGFans now has its own store! Support the free NFG Fan Site by buying some great stuff! Click Here to Shop!

Sticks and Stones!
Buy it Now!!

New Desktop Background!
Posted by Shuotime

Thanks to Tim, NFGFans now has a new Sticks and Stones desktop wallpaper for you to download! Click Here to get it! Don't forget that if you have anything related to NFG that you'd like to be seen on this site, Send NFGFans Your Stuff!
Sticks and Stones Lyrics Up!
Posted by Shuotime

The all new Sticks and Stones lyrics are up! Click Here to see them!

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