The Forever Story

Altercations and Alterations
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Band Lineup:
Matt Myers- guitar/vocals/keyboard, arrangements etc.

People who help me:
Kevin Buttery-Guitar
Adam Anderson- Bass, Drums, etc.
Mike Moffitt- Guitar
Matt "Fester" Leftkowitz-Bass
Dan Radkowlski- Drums
Mehow Czarnota-Guitar, Drums
Brad Johnson-Guitar
More to come....

News 3-28-05
The Forever Story is in the Studio! This Spring Break we will be recording a 5 song EP titled "
I Hope He Treats You Right". Check the site for more updates about the full length which will be released around June. We have alot to look forward to in this recording andwe will hopefully release the EP April 9th at my Birthday Party Show. The EP will probably cost $2 or $3 dollars. The track listing for the EP will be up shortly. Thanks for your support The Forever Story is in the studio! With the help of Adam, Kevin, Matt, and Brad we will make this EP possible to be recorded in my basement.

News 3-19-05

Thank you everyone for attending Kristin and Brynns surprise birthday party last night. It was an amazing show with the help of all my friends. Thank you kevin, brad, matt, adam, and mehow for playing with me. Thanks to Off Coarse who is an amazing band who played also, and of coarse all my friend who make it possible and sing along to "Hospitals and Hangups" every time, everyone went crazy to it and sang along. Also i played a new song titled "The Marlton Village: We'll Never Forget What It's Like" that i dedicated to the birthday girls, gave them copies of the songs to put on there wall.

Upcoming Dates include:
Friday, April 8th, Cherokee High School Talent Show, I'll Be performing one song
Saturday, April 9th, My Birthday Party
more info

News 2-25-05
Thank you everyone who made Sundays show possible it was great! Thanks Gabby.

Keep checking for updates. I promised people id give them free copies or send them the cd in the mail. If i promised you that I will fufill my promise unless i forget someone, then just contact me.

We will have music on purevolume hopefully by march/april. Once i get my software i need.

Thanks to everyone thats supported me and my friends, ill need it on the long road ahead.
All Photography Credit Goes To:
Sarah Dev
Kelley Anderson
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