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Yah-tah-hey, Yah sho, Welcome to a Native American Family History Site- Natani 1850 to present


Hello, We are the CAMBRIDGE FAMILY. There is Norman & Merelynn Cambridge, and six children and 2 grandchildren. We are Native American, Navajo and Ute. In Navajo we call ourselves, Dine', we call Utes-Notahi'. Utes call themselves, Nuche, they call Navajos-Pahweechu'. Before the Pioneers were here our fathers walked these lands, one of them is Natani. NATANI and MATANA.

The following picture was taken around 1935 Natani was born around 1850 and passed away in 1952. He is my great grandfather, NATANI from Toadlena, he was married to RED MUSTACHES DAUGHTER, MATANA. They in turn had children,

ADA BEDAY BEGAY NATANI, MY GRANDMOTHER , taken in 1908, Shiprock, New Mexico

One of whom was ADA BEDAY BEGAY NATANIshe married in 1912. This is LEWIS & ADA CAMBRIDGE IN 1970 and they had 12 children.

One of their children wss FRANCIS CAMBRIDGE, my father , who married HELEN HARPER,, and they had children.

One of whom is me, I am very ordinary looking, sorry to disappoint you, NORMAN CAMBRIDGE, ALSO KNOWN AS "JOHNNY RUSTYWIRE", and I married and have six children.

NATANI,We are the descendants. THIS IS HIS STORY Rez Memories If you want to send me a thought or some of your experiences please e-mail me your thoughts.


Johnny Rustywire all rights reserved.


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