Minutes of Board Meeting

Time:  2:30 PM, Sunday, 10/22/2006

Place: Room 204 Diffenbaugh, Florida State University


1.     The meeting was called to order by Leonard Tung, Chair.


2.   Interim By-Laws: Resolved, That a committee be appointed by the Chair to present a draft of interim By-Laws and suggestions for registration as not-for-profit organization for consideration by the Board;  That after the committee present a final draft of the By-Laws with the Board�s approval, the final draft shall be considered by members for ratification.  The Chair appointed George Fong to head this Committee.


3.     Assignment of Responsibilities: Per authority given by the decisions of members and the election result of the October 8 general member meeting, the 5 elected board members can decide whether an additional level of executive office is needed.  Based on NFCA�s current size, board members decided that no additional level of executive office is needed at this time.  The following responsibilities are assigned by the Chair and consented by board members (officers) � Budget and financial records: Maria Chang (Treasurer), Special Events: Peter Lai, General Services: Daniel Lee (Secretary), Education and Culture: George Su, Communications: Leonard Tung (Chair, official spokesman)


4.     Communications: The Chair reported the compilation of 85 email addresses, 10 phones numbers for contact with no email addresses available, and the establishment of a new free Website: http://www.geocities.com/nfca_tally/nfca.html.


5.     Other business

a.      Voting by husband and wife separately in relation to membership fee structure:  Resolved, That the membership fees for 2007 and thereafter, until further modified, will be $20 for each family (which entitles a maximum of two votes with one vote for husband and wife separately)  or $10 for each single member (which entitles one vote).  The fee will be due at the New Year Celebration for that year.

b.     A Thanksgiving holiday gathering:  The Chair suggested this activity as a way to help Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) students through the holiday.  A member present at the meeting suggested a partial funding from NFCA.  The Board will consider the feasibility.

c.      Asian Coalition of Tallahassee (ACT) membership:  NFCA paid the ACT 2006 annual fee of $100, which was due in March. The Chair polled the members present at the meeting, (6 not including board members) regarding the ACT membership for 2007.  2 members appear to favor the continued membership, no members present appear to oppose the continued membership.

d.   The softball games proposed by Taiwanese American Association (TAA) was discussed but it was determined that NFCA will not participate due to lack of time for preparation. 


The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.


by Daniel Lee, Secretary


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