2006 NFCA Election Summary

The 2006 North Florida Chinese Association (NFCA) Mid-Autumn Festival Picnic and Board Election was held on October 8, 2006 at the J. Lee Vause Park.Approximately 50 families participated and cast their votes.This event was organized by Daniel Lee with support by Dr. Szu-Chuan Wang, David Chang, Dr. T. S. Wu, and Charles Wu after many E-mail exchanges and two Conference Calls.

The goal of this Board election was to be fair and open.Eighty ballots were printed for this election and total 49 valid votes were counted.The first topic on the agenda was the discussion of proxy voting to allow some attendees to cast votes on behalf of the absent members.After a short discussion, this item was voted down by the majority.A number of five Board members including the new Chair of NFCA was proposed and approved by the majority of attending members.There were five members who expressed interests in running for the Board Officers, whose names were printed on the ballots.The floor was also opened to any nomination by the members present in the meeting.Five write-ins were added to the ballots after on site nominations.Each nominee was offered two minutes for a speech.

Without an approved bylaw in place, the members also voted on a two-year term for the new Board.After an exciting vote count and tally, Dr. Leonard Tung was elected to be the new Chair of NFCA with 41 votes. Ms. Maria Chang, Mr. Peter Lai, Mr. Daniel Lee, and Mr. George Su were also elected to serve on the new Board.The detailed vote counts are as follows:

Leonard Tung: 41
Daniel  Lee : 35
Maria Chang: 33
Peter Lai: 33
George Su: 24
Tien-Shuenn Wu: 21
Szu-Chuan Wang: 11
Paul Fang: 9
Salim Talib: 5
Ron McGhee: 1

After a few words from the newly Elected Chair, the election was concluded at 6:15 p.m.

Election Committee: Charles Wu, David Chang, and Szu-Chuan Wang.


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