Links for Visually Impaired and Blind Persons
National Federation of the Blind of Washington State
National Federation of the Blind -United States
Independent Living for Visually Impaired Seniors
Carl and Cathy Jarvis, 1-800-552-7103 or 1-360-765-4239
[email protected]
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Mobility Specialists
Denise and Gary Mackenstadt
Adaptive equipment -
Vision Matters -Phone: (888) 216.1912
Kyle Parrish - our VIPS president and local vendor website
Kyles email:
[email protected]
Newsline - Newspapers via the telephone
1-888-882-1629  to sign up for this National Federation of the Blind program for free
Adaptive equipment

Freedom Scientific
The world�s leader in assistive and adaptive technology for individuals who are blind, or have low vision or learning disabilities. Our products include screen reading software for the blind, magnification software for those with low-vision, and other products for accessible scanning and reading, as well as braille displays, notetakers, and the world�s leading accessible PDA for the blind.

Pulse Data Inc
The BrailleNote provides a choice of output options by combining a crisp high definition Braille display with clear, responsive speech.

Magnifiers & Low Vision
Optelec produces a variety of Low Vision Solutions for those living with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and other eye conditions. Don't let Low Vision keep you from enjoying the things you love in life.

Independent Living Aids, Inc

Washington Talking Book and Braille Library

Maxi-Aids offers aids for independent living including products for blind (blindness), low vision, deaf (deafness), hard of hearing (hearing loss)

LS and S Group
The Catalog of products for the 
visually impaired and hard of hearing

Magnisight CCTV
Our Custom Focus line of CCTV - Closed Circuit Television - systems is an industry standard for solid design and craftsmanship.  With true automatic focus, full color or black & white, and freeze image control, the Explorer Custom Focus is the clear choice for your auto focusing needs.  Manual focus override, reverse mode, and brightness control come standard.
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