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Here is a page that I am sure you'll like. Who cares if you don't. In our crazy life we need some jokes to relax. Keep a link to this page and come back when you feel crappy or tired. Sounds familier? Don't waste too much time as you must have some more important things to do. Like working... So.... here is the story...

Before I say anything about this page let me tell you something about myself. I know you don't care about me, but who cares what you care... My name is Nauman Faridi. You can call me Nauman. I don't care how you pronounce it. I can't hear you anyway.

Pakistan I am from Pakistan. Click on the flag if you like to learn more about my country. I always wanted to create a page on Pakistan, but there are so many great pages out there that mine would not be even close.

QMS Inc I work for QMS Inc., a Mobile Alabama based developer and manufacturer of high-preformance color and monochrome document printing solutions.

OK OK... enough about me. This page is dedicated to Jokes (Duh!). None of the jokes is mine. I received all these via e-mail either from my friends or with some boring add. I started saving them and one day decided to put them on the net to share with others.

This whole site is generated automatically. All the jokes are in pure text files and are converted to <HTML> using Bash scripts (Bash Rules!) on a Sun Micro Systems' SPARC 10 running fvwm on SunOS 4.1.3..... OK OK I got carried away.

I don't like unethical stuff and tried to keep only good ones. If you find any one of these offending please e-mail me. I will try to remove it ASAP.

I would like to thank Dr. Jeff Haemer in Boulder, Colorado and Mark Salter in Atlanta, Georgia for all what I know about Bash, if I know anything. Oh! and also Mahendra Varman in Mobile, Alabama for his Bash book which I have used more than himself. Of course, thanks to Geocities for their storage.

I am tired and you must be bored to death. Thanks for being here and do come again. If you have a site and would like to add this site to it, add this button. If you have any questions? suggestions? or comments? mail me....

I get mail; therefore I am
I get mail; therefore I am

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Permission to copy anything is granted (generously;-) with a promise for some credit to this site.

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